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Hypernest is an accelerator DAO with the main objective of supporting founders that want to build a more equitable digital world. We want to work toward this goal by creating a network of Founders, Web 3.0 Experts, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Protocols, etc. that share our vision.  

HyperNest will focus on helping startups that support the sovereign individual:

  • Creating new financial possibilities

  • Giving them ownership of their data or creations

  • Allowing them to express themselves without restrictions

We want to make sure that we will have a future characterized by freedom of expression, speech, and thinking.  

On this line, we will invest not only in B2C startups but also in enabling technologies and infrastructure like L1, L2, oracles, middleware, etc.  

All the participants in our Dao participate in the governance and share the financial upside.

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Marketing Director

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