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Senior Backend Engineer

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Jun 03

Silo Finance is a lending protocol that brings isolated lending markets to all token assets. Our lending application is live on Ethereum and Arbitrum, with over 200M in TVL and thousands of monthly active users. 

We are a distributed team from all over the world working to disrupt the decentralized lending market. We maintain a flat organizational structure where all members contribute equally towards a North Star metric.

Silo Finance is backed by a large community of top builders and enthusiasts in the blockchain. In December 2021, we raised over 7,500 ETH from over 1,000 backers in a fair, permissionless token auction.

Silo Finance is looking for an experienced backend developer to build and manage traditional backend services with a focus on liquidation services. You have extensive experience building complicated BE applications and possess experience, or advanced knowledge, of DeFi applications, including lending apps. 

You will 

  • Build software that plays a critical part in our lending protocol.
  • Update and improve existing solutions.
  • Integrate BE app(s) with external APIs, DEXs, and other dApps.

You have

  • Excellent Typescript skills
  • A solid technical background, with 4+ years of experience in backend and API development (at least 2+ years in Typescript)
  • Built BE apps on production (or you played a crucial role in creating it as part of a team)
  • Skills to design modular apps in TypeScript from scratch that can be easily replicated and scalable (e.g., extend/set up for another blockchain)
  • Optimization skills that allow you to create efficient and clever solutions instead of brute-force solutions
  • Advanced knowledge about infrastructure, so you know what’s possible and how to design well-scalable products.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

A strong understanding of

  • How to scan blockchain in the most efficient way for collecting data 
  • How to process many blockchain transactions in a fast, gas-efficient way 
  • How to detect anomalies in executions, react to unexpected errors, and keep the integrity of the app state in case of any crash

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