Blockchain Engineer (Substrate)

T Chain Analytics is a forward-thinking company specializing in blockchain technology, particularly through the Substrate framework. Their focus is on gathering and analyzing data from Substrate-based blockchains to support and enhance their ecosystem. By leveraging advanced tools such as Rust programming, Node.js, and the Polkadot.js API, T Chain Analytics aims to innovatively retrieve and utilize blockchain data, including token supply, addresses, and network activity.

The company emphasizes a commitment to remote work flexibility and offers competitively rewarding opportunities, including the potential for equity for the right candidates. With a strong foundation in deploying and managing blockchain nodes, T Chain Analytics strives to stay at the forefront of the blockchain industry, continuously seeking to harness and capitalize on the power of decentralized technologies.

We are looking for a blockchain engineer experienced in the Substrate framework and Rust programming language to help us set up and query data from the a Substrate based blockchain.

The ideal candidate should also have knowledge of Node.js and the Polkadot.js API for building scripts to retrieve blockchain data such as token supply, addresses, and network activity. We have plans to use this data to support our ecosystem.

Experience in deploying and managing blockchain nodes is essential.

Remote. Part-time. Competitive pay. Opportunities for equity if right fit.

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