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Hydrogen is the first liquid staking solution on Blast, based on the native yield functionality, and pushing major innovations towards integrating liquid staking towards DAPPs.

While other liquid staking solutions focus on earning via running nodes of those chains through user aggregated funds [ derive APY from that ] and offer them back a 'staked' version of their Tokens, Hydrogen focuses on a different model.

On Hydrogen Protocol, you can maximize your DeFi play across the Hydrogen LSDFi infrastructure on Blast Network. By leveraging Hydrogen's LSDs, users can remain staked but also simultaneously become liquid to optimize locked tokens in other application purposes such as trading, lending, or farming.

Initially, we will focus on ETH and USDB. In the future, we will also add the "Blast" token to our core infrastructure.

The Blast network currently has no 'native' token. We suspect it will go live and allow us to run a more classic model, but that is a story for another day.In addition to being Blast's first native Liquid Staking protocol, Hydrogen has the first and only DAAPxLSD system ever created.The Hydrogen DeFi DAPPxLSD system allows the defi application to plug in our liquid staking module right into their staking mechanism, which means that users deploying capital towards a dapp can lock their positions to receive our hsETH or hsUSDB. Our system delivers this: the possibility of using any ETH/USDB in any DAAP as collateral to mint our Liquid Staking Tokens.

Hydrogen is looking for a Web3 Business Development Representative to take ownership over partnerships, integrations, and collaborations for Hydrogen Protocol.

You will have the opportunity to:

- Play a key role in shaping Hydrogen's BD strategy- Collaborate closely with leadership and cross-functionally across the team- Identify, approach, and qualify potential partners within the web3 ecosystem- Propose and negotiate creative win-win partnerships with other projects, including giveaways, integrations, treasury diversification deals, co-AMAs, and more- Pitch speaking/feature opportunities with podcasts and media outlets- Streamline and optimize the BD pipeline via automation tools and data-driven decision-making- Cultivate new and ongoing relationships with key players in the web3 ecosystem- Scale and lead the BD team to amplify successful strategiesThis role is initially part-time, with the possibility of transitioning to a full-time role as you excel in your responsibilities.

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