DeFi Head of Marketing

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May 17

Filiquid is a community-centric decentralized finance (DeFi) platform with a mission to provide seamless and equitable access to lending and borrowing within the Filecoin ecosystem.

Founded by a passionate team of innovators and experts in blockchain technology, finance, and decentralized storage, Filiquid is dedicated to advancing the Filecoin ecosystem. We have spent years developing and refining our platform to ensure it meets the highest standards of security, efficiency, and scalability.

We believe the cutting-edge technology we've built upon, including the Filecoin network and decentralized storage principles, forms the cornerstone of a robust and transparent DeFi world. Our aim is to create a more inclusive financial landscape where everyone can participate in the benefits of decentralized finance with lower fees and fewer barriers.

Filiquid embodies our commitment to building a fair and accessible DeFi ecosystem for all.

About the Role 

As the Head of Marketing at FILLiquid, you will be pivotal in shaping the brand's identity, driving marketing strategies, and accelerating our growth within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Your leadership will be crucial in crafting and executing marketing initiatives that resonate with our diverse community, attract new users, and build lasting partnerships. You will lead a dynamic team, oversee marketing campaigns, and ensure that FILLiquid stands out in a competitive landscape.

What you'll be doing; 

  • Develop, implement and execute comprehensive marketing strategies to promote FILLiquid's brand, products, and services 
  • Build and maintain a strong, recognizable brand identity within the DeFi and blockchain communities.
  • Foster a vibrant and engaged community through innovative marketing campaigns, social media interaction, outreach and community events to increase user engagement and loyalty 
  • Oversee the creation of compelling and informative content that educates and engages our target audience.
  • Manage the content strategy across all social channels, including blogs, social media, newsletters, and more.
  • Identify and establish strategic partnerships with other DeFi projects, influencers, and industry leaders.
  • Collaborate with external partners to amplify FILLiquid's reach and impact.
  • Use data-driven insights to refine marketing strategies and improve campaign effectiveness.
  • Lead, mentor, and grow a high-performing marketing team while fostering a collaborative and innovative team environment.
  • Develop and manage the marketing budget, ensuring cost-effective strategies and optimize spending to maximise ROI results.
  • Set key performance indicators (KPIs), track the performance of marketing initiatives and provide regular reports on marketing activities, outcomes and recommendations for improvements

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