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Chief Technical Officer

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May 26

P2P.org launched in 2018 with a mission to positively influence the development of PoS technologies. Since our launch we have grown to manage 1.3+ billion USD in staked assets and 45+ unique blockchain networks and now P2P.org is a global Top-3 Non-Custodial staking provider. Our 3-year goal is to go public (IPO).

P2P.org has successfully raised $23M in a Series A Funding Round. This funding will support services for direct holders and also launch a new infrastructure platform for intermediaries, such as those offering custody, wallets, and exchanges.

What we do:

✅ We provide blockchain foundation teams with infrastructure and services for faster product development.

✅ We provide investors with a single entry point to all blockchains.

✅ We provide developers with access to blockchain data.

The Chief Technology Officer will be a visionary and responsible for ensuring that our technical team is the best in the industry. They will oversee the proper planning and delivery of complex projects, ensure that goals are clear, and maintain a strong and healthy engineering culture.

The ideal candidate must possess a balance of honesty, kindness, and understanding. They should have a strong understanding of infrastructure, cryptography, information security, distributed systems, open-source communities, and blockchain governance. Additionally, they should have experience in guiding engineering teams to deliver and maintain complex solutions, as well as enacting organizational change.

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