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Crypto Copywriter / Content lead

Ledgerlink Labs is a Web 3.0 Venture Builder & Optimizer.

We have been providing deep market knowledge through 6+ years of experience in the crypto/ web3.0 space with previous experience in wealth management, trading, trade finance, fundraising, cryptographic systems security and development. This allows us to develop strategies for clients and partners on short-, medium- and longterm time frames while building and tailoring value accruition mechanisms for projects and ventures where it makes sense, such as: token economies, DeFi protocols & usage of NFTs in different capacities.

This includes strategies and execution accros a myriad of verticals represented in our core services:

- Fullscope analysis of the current state of a project/business

- Assistance with Ideation

- Defining value propositions and value capture mechanisms (through token economies/ NFT's/ Fee structuring, defi mechanisms,...-

- Defining System Architecture

- Product Development (we have dedicated Developers to assist existing teams)

- Go-to-market Strategies

- Marketing Strategy (for Execution we rely on our partners and or clients)

- Legal Compliance

- Partnership Management

- General advisory & growth support

- Structuring of Fundraising Rounds

Our clients cover the entire spectrum from basement dwelling degenerates where business logic needs to be inserted all the way to existing cooperations looking to set-up their firm for the next 15 years where more of a nimble, crypto native professional degeneracy needs to be implemented. Occasional in-house project.

Partners cover the spectrum from foundations to market makers to VC's through all the tier levels varying from Silicon Valley to chad Crypto native VC's to stealth wealth anons and everything in between.

In other projects we noticed that outside help often offers splintered solutions, which makes it extremely difficult to get an overview of a strategic plan and its execution. Our approach is completely different. We offer solid full stack strategic advice and execution without overpromising. 

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced crypto-native copywriter who shares our vision and finds him/her/themself in our theses across markets.

We currently stand as follows; 

The market is always the greatest teacher. In this case the market has shown that the technology works and didnt break under a large amount of stress, with a stable provider, a massive borrower/lender and one of the biggest hedge funds in the space getting into trouble. This will probably have somewhat of a contagion effect and the pain in the short term market wise probably isn't over.

As stated, but we want to put some emphasis on this again; the rails didn't break and showed great resilience. It's entities that played around with leverage and synthetic assets that are dealing with the blows, and obviously the small retail investor is feeling that in current prices.

The main obstacle we're seeing and building towards is that there are way too few real assets on those rails and that projects seek to build their own rails instead of providing value to the existing system.

We aim to bring those real assets to the system and develop further on pick-and shovel projects that bring resilience and new possibilites/utility to existing projects and ecosystems. We don't care about fancy names or denominators (NFT,Crypto,Web3,Web5,Tokens,...) and the weight they sometimes carry in narratives. We're using the tech stack that empowers the users of projects developped or supported by our partners/clients.

Essential requirements:

• Experienced Blockchain/Crypto/DeFi content writer
• Experienced Educational Guides & Learning Courses, tutorials content creator
• Experienced Technical Educational Content (DeFi, Crypto, Blockchain, Self Custody/Multisigs, Protocols, DAO, Web3, etc.)
• Long-Form Evergreen Content, Partner Case Studies, Whitepapers, Lightpapers, Thought leadership content, Blog and Social media posts, etc. 
• In-depth knowledge of DeFi/Crypto projects, concepts, and lingo.
• Other: Infographics, Market Research, OpEd, Explainer Videos, etc.

Key Responsibilities:

• Ideate and manage various cross-platform consistent brand storytelling to educate, engage and inspire action.
• Write clear, attractive copy with the distinct Interlay voice suited to our audiences. Content may vary from technology-driven articles, blog posts, whitepapers, site copy, video storyboards, etc.
• Provide editorial and proofreading support, and interpret high-tech documents into comprehensive briefs catering to the full spectrum of our audience
• Collaborate with designers, PR, and other professionals on large- and small-scale marketing projects (e.g., email campaigns and landing pages)
• Boiling down director/board meetings and strategies into digestable content
• Conduct high-quality research and interviews, and additional source content
• Use SEO principles to maximize copy’s reach

Who you are:

• A narrative driven storyteller with solid copywriting experience and impeccable English speaker and writer
• Experience in writing long- and short-form copies and bite-sized for social media
• High-quality research and analytical skills, and the ability to source new stories
• Proofreading, editing, and SEO Copywriting knowledge
• Collaborative spirit for co-creating with team, community, and partners
• Handling pressure well and working towards tight deadlines

• Fair market pay
• Upside through individual commission schedules
• Upside through token allocation on projects;

Side benefits 

 • Work from home; 
No standard hours as long as the work is done at the end;
• Attend blockchain-centric conferences and board meetings across the world

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