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Updated Sep 16, 2022

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$XXX,000Community Manager, Content Creator, And Ambassador Salary10 days ago at 5:47 am

🛠️ Skills: Community management,Marketing,Lead generation
🕑 1 years at the company
⏳ 4 years of experience
😎 Self employed
🎂 22 yo male
📍 Dhaka,Bangladesh / Remote Dhaka, Bangladesh↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.
✍️ I've been in Ambassadorship with many tokens and company’s in crypto world. I'm still studying at EEE(electronics and electrical engineering), I do analysis and research about crypto

$XXX,000Community Manager- Content Creator- İnfluencer- Marketing Manager -Listing Manager Salary12 days ago at 2:13 pm

🕑 6 years at the company
⏳ 6 years of experience
🎂 27 yo male
📍 İstanbul-Turkey Kayapinar, Turkey↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.
✍️ Hello, In 2016, I met the crypto industry and advanced myself in this field. I am a manager in the largest communities operating in the Turkish crypto industry. We provide trainings and investment opportunities to people on Blockchain through our informative Twitter flood -YouTube video-Telegram and other social media accounts to approximately 600K+ investors on Twitter-Telegram-Instagram-YouTube and other social media platforms. The major projects and exchanges we work with are extremely satisfied with us. We have worked with major crypto projects such as (Avax-Alice-Moonbeam-Solana-Bıconomy ). We offer the best contribution to the projects in our language (Turkish) through group management, Twitter and other social media accounts. We are in contact with many project managers and phenomena in Turkey. Since we have been in the market for about 6 years, we know everyone very well and can reach them. We know very well which accounts or communities benefit more. If you wish, we provide you with guidance on TR marketing. The opportunities we provide to projects are not limited to these. We provide them with highly professional support, great marketing and sponsorships. Among them are major stock market listings ( Ftx-Huobi-Gate-KuCoin-Mexc ) We provide capital investments in projects: Kucoin Labs & Kucoin Ventures, Gate Lab, Okx Ventures, Animoca Brands, Chateu VC, Vandetta Capital, Ice Tea Labs, Redline, , Morningstar VC Chainlink etc. Huobi ventures etc. ( 70% of them directly connected ) Everything you can think of and we do our best to get your project to great places.

$XXX,000Content Manager Salary17 days ago at 3:21 pm

⏳ 1 years of experience
😎 Self employed
🎂 20 yo null
📍 Chisinau, Moldova Chisinau, Moldova↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.

$XXX,000Remote Content Writer Salary25 days ago at 4:22 pm

🛠️ Skills: Content writing, Technical Writing
⏳ 5 years of experience
🎂 38 yo male
📍 Lagos / Remote Lagos, Nigeria↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.

$XXX,000Community Manager, Content Creator, And Ambassador Salary25 days ago at 2:01 pm

⏳ 1 years of experience
🎂 23 yo male
📍 Remote Iztapalapa, Mexico↑ Based on GeoIP. May not be accurate if submited via VPN.

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