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Sep 08

Chainalysis is one of the oldest crypto companies to offer on-chain analysis for its clients. They offer investigation and compliance tools to crypto companies, government agencies, regulators, and more. For example, an exchange can hire them to flag transactions coming from wallets associated with exchange hacks or known terrorists to make sure they do not engage with them. Chainalysis software has been used to solve some of the biggest high-profile cases in the crypto industry.

Chainalysis has its offerings in more than 60 countries. At any given time, there are hundreds of Chainalysis Jobs. If you're looking for a career in Chainalysis, there's a lot of categories to choose from in Engineering, Marketing, and sales. Host of the jobs are not remote. But since Chainalysis has its offices in multiple countries, most jobs should be very accessible. Check out some of the Chainalysis jobs below:

Job Description

Our Customer Success team is insatiably curious and adept at problem-solving. We are responsible for our Business across Asia-Pacific countries and are passionate about the customer’s mission, understanding their objectives, and ensuring their ultimate success. We use data and domain expertise to navigate the customer-journey, helping each stakeholder define and achieve success. We’re also extremely collaborative and work cross-functionally to share the insights we learn from our customers. We measure ourselves by things like user adoption, retention, and overall satisfaction.

The Customer Success Manager, Japan will be based in our Tokyo office and manage customers from both the Public and Private sectors in Japan.

Within a year you are successful if… 

  • You’ve directly contributed to increasing the net retention of our customers in our cryptocurrency, BFSIs and government verticals
  • You can confidently answer advanced product usage and technical questions related to data, compliance and regulatory standards, and investigations across our product suite
  • Our customers, big and small, trust and rely on you to help them achieve their goals
  • You’ve have high credibility internally and are a sought-after resource for specific customers and product initiatives
  • The Customer Success team is more efficient and scalable thanks to your input on how to automate, simplify, and improve our daily workflows

A background like this helps: 

  • You've been a Customer Success Manager at a SaaS business catering to Public Sector customers or you've worked in the intelligence or investigations space specifically in Japan.
  • You've been a Customer Success Manager at a SaaS business catering to Private Sector customers in BFSI or Web3 or you’ve worked in the AML, Financial Crime space specifically in Japan.
  • You speak Japanese as well as being professionally fluent in written and spoken English in order to connect with our customers in APAC and our employees across the US, EU, and beyond
  • You have the emotional intelligence and an empathetic propensity to read between the lines and understand what the customer is saying, what they mean, and how to enable them to solve their problems
  • You have some experience building out customer journeys, usage metrics and expanding product adoption as well as creating account plans, managing stakeholders in government and law enforcement agencies


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