Ecosystem Relations

Job Description

NEAR Foundation is hiring for an Ecosystems Relations role.  

You will:

  • Provide a world-class support experience for projects building on NEAR.
  • Be the main touch point for founders and teams interested in building on NEAR through direct contact or the resources they’ve created
  • Be the advocate of the ecosystem projects within the NEAR Foundation
  • Grow and retain projects building on NEAR through direct support and keeping them engaged, Identifying blockers early on and coordinating a response to mitigate them, ensuring they have the resources & connections they need, ultimately accelerating the time to launch.
  • Build out support resources for projects building on NEAR to be able to reference from start to launch
  • Identify innovative projects with strong fundamentals, infrastructure, tooling, etc to support 1 to 1
  • Build and maintain relationships with partners, service providers, and the NEAR collective, as well as manage the NEAR Founders community. 
  • Facilitate key conversations around important topics to drive awareness, inspire founders & users, and ensure success in the NEAR ecosystem. Leverage ecosystem projects & tech to drive this
  • Build out an efficient process to connect projects with relevant teams, infrastructure, and tools to streamline their processes & accelerate time to launch
  • Contribute to the strategy for project support on NEAR from start to launch

You have:

  • Aptitude for fostering positive relationships
  • Deep understanding of web3, potential use cases, tokenomics, and current top projects in crypto
  • Strategic thinker with an analytical mind and strong problem-solving skills
  • Strong knowledge of blockchain technology, decentralized applications, and the ways in which communities and ecosystems form around them. 
  • An entrepreneurial mindset and experience with startups.
  • Familiarity with VC and fundraising.
  • Proven ability to adapt and excel in fast-paced, rapidly changing environments

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