Filecoin TLDR Externship Program

Protocol Labs is a research, development, and deployment institution for improving Internet technology. Protocol Labs leads groundbreaking internet projects, such as IPFS, the decentralized web protocol; Filecoin, a cryptocurrency incentivized storage network; and libp2p, a modular network stack for peer-to-peer apps and systems. Protocol Labs works openly, and is focused on the creation of value at a massive scale.

Job Description

Filecoin TLDR Externship Program 2023

Context: We are looking for a strong candidate who has an understanding of Crypto Venture and has a strong network in the Web3 VC community to join the Token-Holder Relations Team (also known as Filecoin TLDR Team) at Protocol Labs. 

Structure: The role can be structured flexibly -

  • Full-time / Part-time is acceptable (however, no less than 2 days a week)

  • Shorter duration attachments (~6 months) are acceptable, while we are also prepared to extend a full-time employment contract 

Seniority: Associate/VP level, able to work independently with high level of professionalism 

Key traits we are looking for: 

Qualified candidates should have a strong ability to grasp technical concepts, distill and synthesize complexity for less technical audiences, and be able to continuously improve their own base of knowledge. From our experience, candidates with some prior Crypto VC or Investor Relations experience perform well. Alternatively, the role may be fruitful for candidates currently working in VC and wish to gain shorter-duration operational stints working in a top protocol. 

What the candidate stands to gain from this experience:

  • Valuable operational experience at a leading Web3 protocol
  • Be at the nucleus of ecosystem growth strategy - The team is a top-level team that reports directly to Overall Ecosystem Growth Lead. We also work very closely with Protocol Labs Ventures and founders in the Filecoin ecosystem. You will be in the best position to understand first-hand and influence strategic direction, especially for the token-holder segment.  

Roles and Responsibilities: 

You will help bridge capital allocators to the Filecoin ecosystem. Filecoin is unique in the scale of its ambition. As a community, our aim is to rewrite the fabric of the internet and help Web3 cross the chasm. This team’s role is to help clearly articulate the vision and roadmap of Filecoin, helping educate the broader market on topics ranging from: 

  • Technical roadmap and design decisions
  • FIP Governance
  • Tokenomics
  • Upcoming opportunities and the start-ups in our community poised to capture them

Your role will be to become an expert on the Filecoin ecosystem. You will facilitate bi-directional flow of information: helping lower the barrier of entry to understanding our ecosystem, and sharing market insights with the builders in our community. This role will encompass thought leadership in shaping token-holder messaging and in establishing narratives externally. Your ability to understand institutional token-holders’ needs, as well as a strong network, will be crucial to your success. 

In Token Holder Relations at Protocol Labs, you will...

  • Clearly articulate to ensure Filecoin’s business strategy, key differentiation points, products, and progress is understood by the investment community - this includes driving thought leadership in the Web3 space  
  • Proactively schedule regular check-ins with token-holders and activation
  • Understand their needs deeply and come up with intelligent ways to meet them 
  • Extrapolate actionable insights and intelligence on token-holders through contact and activity data (e.g. meetings, emails, follow up) captured through our CRM system of record

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