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Founding Full Stack Engineer

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Mar 09

Trustblock provides an infrastructure that lets auditors publish their audits on-chain.

By doing so, audits' authenticity, author, and covered smart contracts are verifiable by everyone, thus saving users from scams and impersonators.

Thanks to having on-chain audits linked to the covered smart contracts, we calculate neutral, verifiable, and helpful business metrics on auditors' profiles.

Trustblock relays critical information contained in audits to the whole web3 ecosystem, allowing projects to unlock:

  • Cutting-edge security and composability by using other protocol’s security data inside their smart contracts.
  • User retention and trust by displaying Trustblock's labels on their user interfaces.

By joining, you will be helping us achieve that vision and make web3 ready for critical mass adoption.


  • Direct collaboration with the CEO & Founder of Trustblock
    • Sacha has developed the solution and is now focused on expanding the tech team. In this role, you will collaborate closely with him on technical decisions.
  • Fullstack engineering
    • Tackle complex technical challenges related to on-chain & off-chain synchronization that require innovative solutions.
    • Assume a leadership role in our back-end and API development.
    • Develop within our serverless architecture framework.
    • Prioritize security and data protection.
    • Enhance our overall performance.
    • Contribute to the development of key front-end features.
    • Design efficient data flow strategies.
    • Integrate smart contracts and manage transactions efficiently.
    • Participate in R&D projects.
  • Environment improvement
    • Enhance our local development environment.
    • Implement monitoring solutions.
    • Refine our CI/CD processes.
    • Upgrade and expand our test suites.
    • Contribute to and improve our documentation.
  • Recruitment & team development
    • Drive the growth of our tech team by attracting top talent. We value small, highly skilled, dedicated, and passionate teams.


  • Commitment to Best Practices:We pride ourselves on adhering to best practices and continually seek ways to enhance our codebase.
  • Direct impact on the product: We highly value and expect your input and ideas.
  • Culture of Promotion & Salary Raises:Recognizing excellent work is fundamental to us. We see this position evolving into a tech lead role and potentially a VP of Engineering in the future.
  • Unlimited PTO: We offer unlimited paid time off.
  • Shares: It's important to us that you feel a part of our journey, which includes offering shares in the company.
  • Get the work done the way you want: While regular work hours are expected, you can manage your schedule as you see fit, provided the work is completed.
  • Remote & International Culture: Embrace the freedom of working remotely while being part of a diverse and international team. We celebrate different cultures and perspectives, believing they enrich our work environment and innovation. Regular virtual team-building events and annual in-person meetups foster our sense of community and collaboration across borders.

What we’re looking for

  • Passion for Complex Technical Challenges & R&D: Daily challenges at Trustblock are the norm, not the exception. We’re creating something truly unique, requiring an innovative approach and a positive attitude toward learning and overcoming obstacles.
  • Advocacy for the Best Technical Solutions: At Trustblock, open dialogue and evidence-based discussions are valued. We seek individuals who are not only vocal about their ideas but also dedicated to finding the best solutions while considering both product and business perspectives.
  • You genuinely believe in what we’re building: Technical proficiency alone isn't sufficient. We’re on a mission to redefine the web3 space, and a genuine belief in our vision translates to a higher standard of care and commitment in your work.
  • You are an impactful collaborator: Your past projects should demonstrate significant contributions towards scalability and team organization, highlighting your ability to make a lasting impact.
  • Commitment to Deliver: You are dedicated to delivering high-quality work on schedule. Your commitment ensures that projects not only meet but exceed expectations, driving the success of our team and the satisfaction of our users.


  • General
    • Timezone: Between UTC and UTC+4. Preferably CET
    • Proficient in English
    • +4 years experience as Fullstack engineer, 65% back-end, 35% front-end
    • +2 years of experience with blockchain-based projects (hackathons and personal projects, too)
    • Genuinely interested in what we’re building
  • Tech
    • Strong expertise in Typescript & NodeJs
    • Good experience with AWS, serverless stacks overall & databases
    • Good experience in NextJS
    • Experience with web3 technologies
      • Deep understanding of how blockchain & smart contracts work
      • Experience with web3 libraries like viem, wagmi, ethers, etc…
  • Nice-to-haves
    • Server infrastructure & expertise in AWS
    • Experience in cyber security
    • Smart contracts development
    • Experience in low-level languages like Golang & Rust.

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