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Institutional Sales - EMEA

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Jul 05

Fordefi is a pioneering company in the crypto custody and wallet software industry, distinguished by its innovative approach and robust solutions. With substantial seed funding of $28 million from top-tier venture capital firms such as Lightspeed Ventures, Electric Capital, Pantera, and Castle Island, Fordefi demonstrates strong financial backing and a vote of confidence from industry leaders. Their commitment to security and efficiency has earned them a respected place in the fast-evolving digital finance landscape.

The company boasts a globally distributed sales team, reflecting its expansive reach and influence across various markets. Fordefi continues to expand its footprint in regions including Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, furthering their mission to provide secure and seamless crypto custody and wallet solutions. With a vision centered on growth and innovation, Fordefi is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry, enabling businesses and individuals to manage their digital assets securely and effectively.

We are looking for an experienced regional sales executive with a proven track record of growth in the crypto custody/wallets/software industry.

You’ll join a globally distributed sales team and own the entire Europe, Africa, and Middle East regions.

Fordefi has raised $28M in seed funding from tier one VCs: Lightspeed Ventures, Electric Capital, Pantera, and Castle Island.

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