Lead Software Engineer

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Mar 29

Gemz Trade is the #1 Trading App on TON. The app helps to trade jettons and earn on TON blockchain.  

Lead Software Engineer

tl;dr -  Lead SWE, 5+ years of experience, en, ru, remote, agile work hours

Gemz Trade - #1 Trading App on TON is looking for Lead SWE

What we are looking for:

🔸 5+ years of experience. 1+ year with FunC

🔸 Full Stack(TS, Go, Python, FunC)

🔸 Good Communication Skill

🔸 English B1+

🔸 Good Ability to work alone and in a team

What you get:

❤️ 4000-6000$ (2500$ + 1500-3500$ in $GEMZ token allocation)

❤️ Agile Work Hours

❤️ Remote Work

❤️ Great team and a huge opportunity to grow with Gemz Trade

Dm in telegram https://t.me/marktraid with your CV

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