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Senior Software Developer

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Jul 22

Taco Finance is a decentralized application currently in stealth, launching later this year on Avalanche and expanding to other EVM chains. The app is currently being built by a team with experience being and launching other dApps. We are focused on a mission to generate #realyield for users, meaning APY that does not depend on short term liquidity incentives and rewards. To achieve this, our team have developed a platform that generates and compounds yields from a nunmber of different sources. 



Job Description

Job Description

Our journey has only just begun, we have many exciting new developments planned in the months to come. As part of our continued growth, we’re seeking a dedicated, passionate and experienced Senior Software Developer, with experience in frontend, backend and/or fullstack, to join our existing team. Note, we have developers in N. America, Europe, and Asia, and you can be based wherever you please - this is a fully remote opportunity.

Whilst experience in blockchain is preferable, it is not essential, we are open to consider those with the right skills that seek their first opportunity in the industry. With the right attitude and drive, blockchain can be learned quickly.

At Taco, we are passionate about continuing to deliver market leading products to our users; we are only interested in hiring those who share our passion and dedication for building the future of finance.

Although this position is fully remote, we are looking to hire individuals on a long-term basis, as such, please take the time to research our company before applying.


  • Frontend, Backend or Fullstack Senior Software Developer with a minimum of 4 years’ experience.
  • Passionate about crypto, DeFi and the future of digital assets.
  • Previous experience in software development in the web3 industry preferred.
  • Excellent technical skills and inherent knowledge of React.js and / or Node.js.


  • We are passionate about delivering innovative digital wealth solutions to our clients with market leading, sustainable APYs.
  • Our goals this year are ambitious and we’re looking to add to our highly experienced team of global professionals.

The true benefit of joining Taco is the knowledge gained from working with our highly experienced team and becoming an intrinsic part of the future of digital asset management.

Following guidance of local and international laws and regulations we at Taco are subject to, we also observe sanctions provisions which imply certain restrictive measures with respect to our internal policies, including our HR and Recruiting Policies.

5,000 - 12,000 USD / month
42 applications

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