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Trading Intelligence Specialist

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Jun 14

Keyrock was founded in 2017 and has quickly grown from 3 to around 70 people today. As an industry recognized liquidity provider and market maker, Keyrock is a leading European creator of algorithmic trading technologies in the digital asset space. With VC backing, a constantly expanding global client base and revenues growth 13x in 2021, Keyrock is one of Belgium’s fastest-growing fintech companies.

We’re currently active on over 80 exchanges and count numerous marketplaces and asset issuers among our clients, including some of the best-known companies in the crypto space. 

Keyrock's beating heart is its technical team filled with crypto and DeFi natives, software engineers, digital scientists and PhDs, who themselves are supported by university professors, industry-leading experts and a strong management team. Over the years Keyrock has become a company that is both idealistic and practical. 

Job Description

We are looking for: 

Data-driven, process-oriented business intelligence specialists with a passion for trading and experience in the use of data to create financial insights, communication and revenue strategies. Capable of structuring the necessary processes to ensure the efficient tracking of Keyrock’s algorithms by working in close collaboration with the sales, trading and development teams. An ideal candidate has also got thorough know-how of using data visualisation tools.*

We are currently looking for two profiles, each of which will oversee one of the following areas of focus:

Tech - responsible for internal reporting and feeding our tech team (algorithm development, connectivity, infrastructure etc.) with trading data-based insight on the performance of our algorithmic trading software 

Marketing - responsible for generating and visualising trading data insights that would be used in our marketing communication towards the clients

*this skillset is particularly relevant for the marketing-oriented role

What you will be doing

  • Using BI tools connected to Keyrock DBs and external resources to analyse our trading activities and draw actionable conclusions aimed at the relevant target audience

  • Managing and ensuring the proper reporting structure, internally or towards clients 

  • Project management to support the implementation of required changes in trading algorithms and operations (either identified internally or requested by clients)

  • Analysis of markets and trading algorithms to ensure relevant objectives are met and identify new opportunities

  • The marketing-dedicated BI person will also be in charge of visualising the data using appropriate tools

Our recruitment philosophy

We believe the most important aspect of our recruitment process is self-awareness: we are looking for people who have a clear understanding of themselves and what they are looking for in their professional career. That means that we expect to work with people who not only have the right skills, but who have also made the conscious decision to look for a company in our industry and with our characteristics.

Our offer

  • A competitive salary package, including 25 days of paid vacation per year plus national holidays

  • Complete autonomy in your time management thanks to flexible working hours and the opportunity to work remotely 

  • The freedom to create your own entrepreneurial experience by being part of a team of people in search of excellence who all receive stock options from the first year

  • A ton of fun in a thriving and multicultural environment, with colleagues enjoying regular team building activities 

Keyrock offers you both a career and a large range of benefits that we will gladly discuss in the course of the application process. 

As an employer we are committed to build an inclusive, diverse and non-discriminating work environment. We welcome employees of all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, creed and sexual orientation. We hire, reward and promote entirely based on merit and performance.

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