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Sep 10

Meet Bubble-Futures-Bot (BFB), an innovative derivatives contract designed to streamline short-term speculation on any crypto asset, utilizing an on-chain oracle. Bubble-Futures-Bot (BFB) comprises futures EVM-compatible smart contracts featuring a 36-hour expiration cycle. This innovative tool empowers traders to effortlessly take long and short positions on top-tier blue-chip assets or the latest trending meme coins, whether on Ethereum or any other EVM-compatible chain. The primary objective of BFB is to reinvigorate market maker (MM) participation, addressing their hesitancy to provide liquidity for certain crypto assets arising from low liquidity concerns.

Job Description

We're seeking an individual who thrives on engaging conversations and possesses a genuine passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In this position, you will take on the responsibilities of hosting a demanding content calendar of AMAs with key partners, influencers, stakeholders, and others. Your goal will be to consistently provide our vibrant trading community with high-quality discussions and web experiences. Previous experience in hosting web shows or AMAs is a critical requirement for this role.

About the Candidate

  • Exceptional Presentation Abilities.
  • Proficiency in the English Language.
  • Comprehensive Understanding of the Crypto Industry, NFTs, Blockchain Gaming, Staking, and DeFi.
  • Highly Organized, Detail-Oriented, and Skilled at Managing Multiple Project Components Simultaneously.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct Twitter Space AMAs, Manage Telegram Chats for Community Concerns and Updates, Occasionally Host Webinars, and Create Educational Content for Our Communities.
  • Efficiently Organize, Coordinate, and Oversee the Production of AMAs and Audio/Video Content with Listing Projects, While Providing Assistance for Special Content Requests.
  • Compose and Publish AMA Recaps on Medium
  • Craft and Release Recaps for Educational Content and Webinars
  • Announce the AMA on Telegram and Twitter
  • Work with other teams and stakeholders to ensure timely delivery of content.

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