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Mar 06

Aliaksandr Ewin Games
March 06, 2023

Ewin Games is a blockchain game studio, with a team of +20 employees combining more than 8 years of experience designing and developing fun and addictive games.

Job Description

As we are preparing to launch our first game on Polygon, we are looking for a talented, well spoken individual to be the company's voice and representative on Twitter spaces.You will hold several Twitter spaces, both specifically related to our projects and company plans, as well as spaces on general topics, such as Web 3 gaming trends/news.You will have to attract influential actors from the Web3 industry (especially  Web3 gaming) to our spaces, such as content creators, streamers, publishers of Web3 games, incubators, and other platforms representatives of modern blockchain gaming solutions (Polygon, Arbitrum, Immutable, etc.).Also, on behalf of our company, you will actively participate in the spaces of other hosts that are closely related to our industry.A prerequisite is experience in the blockchain gaming industry as a Twitter spaces host / streamer / content creator.

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Aliaksandr Ewin GamesAliaksandr

March 06, 2023

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