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May 04

Meta Z is developing an NFT exchange for pro-traders as its main product. We’re finding a back-end developer who will join us from the early stages of development to develop Meta Z's products together.The team you are joining consists of a minimum of 8 people, including CTO, back-end developer, front-end developer, contract developer, product manager, UI/UX designer. (During the interview, we will provide detailed information on the team members.)

Bluchip website: https://bluchip.io

Meta Z Website: https://www.meta-z.io/en

Job Description

Here are the technologies used at Bluchip:

  • Common: PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, Amazon SQS, SNS
  • Frontend: Flutter, AWS S3, CloudFront
  • Backend: Node.js, TypeScript, Serverless, Prisma, PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, SQS, SNS
  • Communication and collaboration tools used are Slack and Linear.


  • Developing and maintaining the NFT centralized exchange Bluchip, including the back-end services for NFT trading using Node.js and other languages.
  • Developing the contract execution engine, wallet management, and deposit/withdrawal functions.
  • Collaborating with UI designers to implement the design system.
  • Handling optimization tasks for high screen re-rendering environments.


  • Understanding and experience in Node.js, TypeScript, Serverless, Prisma, PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, Amazon SQS, and SNS.
  • Experience with agile methodology and software development best practices.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with languages other than JavaScript (TypeScript), such as Go or Rust.
  • Proficiency in Node.js related library frameworks such as Express, Fastify, and NestJS.
  • Computer science background or related knowledge.
  • Willingness to share your hard and soft skills with the team and to help colleagues and the team grow.
  • Interest in implementing UI/UX improvements that can enhance complex domains.
  • Interest in both front-end and back-end engineering as a full-stack engineer.

How We Work

  • Full-remote
  • Co-work with Linear

Application Process

  • Programming Quiz → Practical Interview → Culture fit Interview →On-board
  • The interview will be proceeded remotely for about an hour.
  • We'll send you the link of Programming Quiz after the submission of Resume.

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