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Marketing Manager

Boson enables the decentralized exchange of physical assets- tokenised as redeemable NFTs.

Boson Protocol solves the problem of fair exchange within e-commerce, without the need for trusted intermediaries or counterparties.  Instead, Buyer and Seller make commitments to trade within smart contracts encoded with game theory, and tokenized as redeemable NFTs.

Buyers have assurance, that either they can redeem the NFT for the physical item or their get their money back. 

Sellers can Tokenize, transfer and trade any physical Thing as a redeemable NFT.

Developers can easily build dCommerce dapps and integrations.

No need to trust Sellers or intermediaries, simply input your payment and receive the item or your money back.

Boson Protocol mediates commerce transactions of real-world assets using smart contracts — without a centralized intermediary. Tokenize, transfer and trade any physical Thing as an NFT.https://www.bosonprotocol.io/

Boson Protocol is Web3's decentralized commerce layer.

Boson Protocol enables the tokenization, transfer and trade of any physical thing as a redeemable NFT. Our vision is to create the foundational infrastructure for the emerging decentralized commerce ecosystem, empowering builders and partners to reinvent commercial exchange as we know it. If you are passionate about becoming part of that revolution, we hope you apply to join us!

Role Summary

Our brand is now established in the web3 space and our protocol is live with a healthy development roadmap, which is why we are looking for a Marketing Manager to lead our marketing activities across partnership marketing and product marketing. You’ll be responsible for creating and presenting our products and features and liaising with potential partners in ways that will strengthen our brand and boost adoption of our solutions on both sides of the marketplace. In addition, our Marketing Manager should have 5+ years of Marketing experience and be able to seamlessly manage a multi-channel marketing program aimed at both potential sellers and potential buyers. The ideal candidate leads by example, is resourceful and analytical and has a passion for blockchain technology and the decentralized future it can shape, and is just as passionate about digital marketing.

Key responsibilities

● Work closely with the product team to understand and champion our protocol

● Translate technical details into benefits for the user

● Follow and analyze market trends to position products

● Research and develop compelling Customer Value Propositions and the associated GTM strategy to activate them

● Work with various teams (product, community, social) to implement strategies

● Directly manage go-to-market planning for all Boson Protocol activities

● Create and maintain content for Boson Protocol services such as how to guides, tutorials, onboarding docs etc.

● Develop campaign strategies to drive product adoption and retention

Must have skills and attributes

● Good understanding of blockchain technology and its applications

● Solid experience in developing product propositions & presentations

● Experience with creating campaigns focussed around gaining adoption

● A good understanding of B2B partner outreach would be a plus, but is not mandatory

● Great written and verbal communication skills

● Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks and projects simultaneously

● A never ending curiosity to learn and master new tooling and best practices

● Experience in a fast growing, dynamic start-up environment

Benefits of working with us

● Work Remotely in a dynamic, fast growth startup

● The opportunity of working with bleeding edge technology

● Close collaboration with leading projects and thought leaders in the space

Some of our guiding principles

● Dream Big: We have the ambition to become one of the core building blocks upon which the decentralized web will be built ● Self-Mastery: Mindful conduct and always on learning are critical components of personal and collective growth

● Collaboration: Expertise is key, but sharing knowledge and building together with joy is the foundation for truly remarkable work

● Stay lean: Our ethos is to create and share value equitably, with minimal value extraction and that is reflected in everything we do

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