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Senior Growth Marketing Manager (GameFi)

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Apr 11


"Earth From Another Sun" (EFAS), backed by Solana and Lightspeed, is an Open-Galaxy MMOFPS. Explore the galaxy, establish and grow your empire, build your trade network, fight alongside the armies you command, and conquer the galaxy! It ranked in the top 10 of the 792 games that participated in the Steam Next festival in 2021, with more than 150K wishlists!

Our vision is to create the ultimate AAA open-world game with the highest playability in its genre.

EFAS has been in development for five years. It's currently in a closed alpha stage, and tens of thousands of paid players have already joined our community. We update a new version every two weeks, and the beta is expected to be officially released in Q4 2024.

Our team members come from well-known game studios around the world, including Riot Games, Gameloft, Disney Interactive, Kylotonn, IGG, Perfect World, and Bytedance.

What your day is going to look like:

  • You process analytics data and tweak our User Acquisition and Marketing plans like a quantum computer.
  • You smack our project selling points and branding in the face of millions of users like Luffy with his Jet Gatling.
  • You build relationships with all the best partners and projects and pitch them EFAS through all means possible by getting us a lot of great exposure opportunities.


  • Lead the strategic planning and execution of all the branding and growth efforts;
  • Define KPIs and metrics to measure the success of GTM initiatives, track performance, and iterate on strategies based on data-driven insights;
  • Take ownership of public relations initiatives for both the company and its executives to strengthen our positioning and branding;
  • Foster and nurture relationships with key industry journalists, influencers, content creators, and other partner projects for strategic outreach and engagement;
  • Ensure brand consistency and messaging alignment across all communication channels to strengthen and safeguard our branding;
  • Promote the brand through AMA sessions and Twitter Spaces;
  • Gather market insights for analysis and strategic output on products, industry, competitors, and market trends.

Experience and skills:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience with web-based products, with at least 3 years in lead roles within web3 projects (e.g., DeFi, GameFi);
  • Mastery proficiency in English (C2 or native speaker);
  • Strong communication, brand promotion, event planning, and content creation skills;
  • Extensive knowledge of all current and emerging trends in the NFT space;
  • Excellent writing, communication, and presentation skills.


  • Extensive Growth Knowledge;
  • Chinese working proficiency;
  • Deep love for gaming.

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