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Best Web3 and Crypto Newsletters to Subscribe To in 2024

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Knowledge is power in Web3. That's why newsletters are so important in this fast-changing industry because they help investors, traders, developers, job seekers, and learners stay informed and ahead of the curve.

Here are the top 12 crypto newsletters that cover news, trends, expert opinions, Web3 development, trading, regulations, governance and Web3 job opportunities and a whole lot more. This list will keep you up to date and ensure you don't miss out on anything important. Let's jump in right away!

1. Crypto Jobs List Newsletter


Crypto Jobs List stands out as one of the best Web3 job boards, facilitating over 12,000 job postings from 2500+ companies, streamlining the process for both job seekers and employers to connect effectively. Noteworthy among its offerings is the weekly jobs newsletter, a free resource that showcases top job listings from the platform while also featuring informative content on the Web3 job market, hiring insights, interview tips, and more.

A rather unique feature of the Crypto Jobs List newsletter is its inclusivity across all job categories, ensuring curated jobs newsletters for each. For instance, individuals seeking Solidity development jobs can benefit from a regular newsletter focusing solely on jobs in that category. This targeted approach enhances the job search experience by providing listings aligned with the subscriber's expertise and preferences.

With a solid readership exceeding 80,000, subscribers have the flexibility to choose between the main newsletter or opt for category-specific newsletters based on their professional interests. So whether you subscribe to the main newsletter or the specialized category newsletters, it’s totally your choice.

Sign up for the Crypto Jobs List newsletter.

2. Blockworks Daily


Blockworks Daily is a widely subscribed free newsletter boasting over 160,000 readers. It adopts a great approach by focusing on a single crypto topic each day and providing in-depth analysis of it. Aiming to enhance investors' understanding of the current crypto market landscape, the newsletter delves into diverse subjects one by one such as legislation, macroeconomics, DeFi, crypto trading, and occasionally artificial intelligence.

The newsletter format presents a detailed narrative on a specific topic daily, complemented by curated recommendations to explore related videos, trending tweets, top stories, and breaking news from the Blockworks website. Blockworks Daily stands out for its ability to distill complex information into easily digestible content with its concise and informative content, setting it apart from many other newsletters in the industry.

In addition to Blockworks Daily, the platform offers Blockworks Research Daily, a supplementary newsletter released on weekdays. This data-centric publication focuses on market highlights, charts, speculative trade ideas, governance updates, and token performance, catering to readers seeking a more analytical and quantitative perspective on cryptocurrency markets and trends.

3. The Defiant Newsletter


The Defiant Newsletter is singularly focused on decentralized finance (DeFi), offering crypto enthusiasts a detailed resource consisting of news, education, insights, developments and opportunities in DeFi and Web3. Notably, the newsletter features exclusive interviews with industry founders and provides a daily market snapshot from the preceding 24 hours. Founded by Camila Russo, a former Bloomberg stock reporter, The Defiant Newsletter is esteemed for its reliability and quality, trusted by an audience exceeding 80,000 readers.

Delivered on weekdays, this newsletter is freely accessible. Additionally, exclusive newsletters are available to The Defiant's DeFi Alpha members at a subscription fee of $15 per month. These premium offerings include the DeFi Alpha Letter weekly, highlighting the latest yield farming and airdrop opportunities in decentralized finance, as well as the Defiant Podcast Transcript weekly, featuring in-depth interviews with prominent figures in decentralized finance and Web3, among other exclusive content.

The Defiant Newsletter stands out as a valuable source of information and insights, catering to those seeking to stay informed and engaged with the dynamic landscape of DeFi and Web3 technologies.

4. Alchemy Supercharged


Alchemy is a dedicated Web3 platform that offers a full suite of APIs and tools tailored for Web3 developers seeking to build and scale applications, particularly on Ethereum blockchains, within a unified environment. Noteworthy blockchain projects leveraging Alchemy's infrastructure include renowned industry leaders such as Axie Infinity, Aave, Cryptokitties, and OpenSea.

The Supercharged newsletter, boasting a readership of over 116,000, aligns with Alchemy's mission by empowering and inspiring aspiring developers through valuable insights on blockchain technology, development practices, and decentralized applications (dApps).

Subscribers to the newsletter, primarily developers, gain access to the latest:

  • Product updates
  • Web3 courses and tutorials, including guidance on creating DeFi applications
  • Quarterly and annual reports like the Alchemy 2023 Web Development Report
  • Announcements
  • Informative articles

The newsletter is completely free and is posted straight to your inbox when some significant updates come. If you’re a developer, this newsletter should be on your radar.

5. Rekt


The Rekt newsletter, self-described as "the dark web of DeFi journalism," sets itself apart by delving into unconventional topics not commonly explored in traditional crypto industry newsletters. It offers in-depth analysis of the risks and challenges prevalent in the crypto markets, covering a spectrum of issues such as security breaches, oracle manipulation attacks, governance hurdles, flash loan exploits, vulnerabilities in DeFi protocols, and more.

While specific subscriber figures are undisclosed, the newsletter is released on a weekly basis. For enthusiasts seeking deep-dive investigations into crypto projects teetering on the edge of collapse, enigmatic scenarios, critical analysis, metaphorical insights, and revelatory news, becoming a subscriber to Rekt is a compelling option, and notably, it is available at no cost.

The below excerpt encapsulates the incisive and critical approach taken by Rekt, offering readers a unique perspective on the tumultuous landscape of the decentralized economy.

"If we could have a leaderboard of DeFi trainwrecks, surely Sushiswap would make the list. Maki forced out, Delong rage quit, Sesta’s merge plans thwarted by the Sifu scandal, CEO Jared Grey with a questionable past, a $3.3M hack nearly a year ago, and the SEC subpoena – the saga continues."

6. The Pomp Letter


The Pomp Letter, a major newsletter catering to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, is the brainchild of Anthony Pompliano, a distinguished investor, entrepreneur, and commentator renowned for his expertise in crypto finance, entrepreneurship, economics, and technology, particularly within the realm of Bitcoin.

This newsletter offers both free and paid subscription options. Free subscribers receive a weekly newsletter featuring recent crypto trends, engaging discussions with industry experts, and Pompliano's astute insights on navigating the evolving crypto landscape. For added convenience, subscribers can also listen to the newsletter in audio format using the Substack app, narrated by Anthony himself.

Opting for a paid subscription, priced at $10 per month or $100 annually, unlocks a wealth of exclusive content. Paid subscribers receive five subscriber-only newsletters each week, access to the complete newsletter archive, the ability to engage with the community through comments, and exclusive episodes of The Pomp Podcast, boasting over a thousand episodes ranging from 20 to 80 minutes in duration.

Anthony Pompliano's profound insights and industry acumen have firmly established him as a prominent figure, evident in his substantial following: The Pomp Letter boasts a subscriber base of 250,000, The Pomp Podcast has garnered 50 million downloads, and his Twitter account boasts an impressive 1.6 million followers, underscoring his significant influence and reach within the crypto community.

7. Milk Road


Milk Road has emerged as a prominent daily cryptocurrency newsletter, distinguished by its exceptional branding featuring their iconic Milk Man mascot, a recurring presence across news, guides, insights, and trend segments. Noteworthy features include:

  • Milk Road Greed and Fear Index: A daily metric on a scale of 0 to 100, offering insights into crypto investor sentiment, particularly concerning Bitcoin.
  • Bite-Sized Cookies For the Road: Curated top headlines from various publications, providing a quick overview of daily news.
  • Milky Memes: A collection of crypto-related memes sourced from Twitter, reflecting sentiments, reactions, and trends within the crypto market.
  • Vitalik Pic of the Day: Featuring a daily image of Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, adding a touch of whimsy to the newsletter.

Beyond its distinctive segments, Milk Road delivers the latest crypto developments in an engaging, conversational, and educational style, making it an ideal choice for newcomers seeking a simplified and accessible approach to understanding crypto. With a subscriber base exceeding 250,000, the newsletter's blend of informative content and unique presentation has solidified its popularity among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and beginners alike.

8. ConsenSys Signal


ConsenSys stands as a prominent leader in the Web3 and blockchain software realm, offering a comprehensive suite of tools, infrastructure, and solutions tailored for the Web3 environment. Among its notable offerings is MetaMask, a self-custodial Web3 wallet renowned for its functionality in identity management, asset storage, and exploration capabilities. Complementing this flagship product are other well-received solutions like Infura, Diligence, and Linea.

However, ConsenSys extends its influence beyond software development to deliver valuable insights through its newsletter, Signal. This publication delivers weekly updates on key developments in DeFi, security protocols, staking advancements, regulatory compliance, scaling solutions, and adoption trends within the Ethereum ecosystem. Recent editions have featured impactful news such as Ethereum's Dencun Fork and the potential impact of EIP-4844 on reducing L2 gas fees for developers. For individuals engaged in Web3 activities, ConsenSys Signal offers a wealth of specialized knowledge.

Additionally, ConsenSys offers another informative newsletter named State Change, tailored to provide tools, courses, and tutorials specifically designed for Ethereum developers and enthusiasts seeking to enhance their skills. Developers seeking educational resources are encouraged to explore this supplementary newsletter. In summary, both Signal and State Change newsletters are accessible free of charge, offering valuable insights and educational content for those involved in the Web3 space.

9. Bankless


Bankless boasts a substantial readership exceeding 300,000 individuals, a testament to its comprehensive coverage of trends, analysis, and insights within the cryptocurrency landscape. The Bankless Daily Brief, serves as a concise yet informative resource offering a snapshot of current developments in crypto, blockchain, DeFi, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, that too for no extra cost. Catering to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, the newsletter provides valuable insights and analysis to empower readers on their journey to becoming adept digital explorers pursuing financial autonomy and self-sovereignty in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

For those seeking an elevated experience as a Bankless Citizen among a community of 8,000, exclusive benefits such as early and ad-free podcast access, daily market reports, weekly yield opportunities, claimables, a token hub, airdrop hunting, and more are available for a premium subscription of $22 per month or $200 annually.

10. CoinMarketCap


The CoinMarketCap newsletter stands as a leading daily email meticulously crafted to keep readers aware of the dynamic developments within the cryptocurrency sphere. It is perhaps one of the most popular newsletters among crypto enthusiasts, owing to the CoinMarketCap brand as a reliable crypto-tracking website, displaying over 9,000 currencies and tokens. In the same spirit, its newsletter offers a comprehensive overview of the crypto market through astute observations, in-depth analysis, and informed predictions.

Subscribers can anticipate a daily email rich in content, featuring the latest coin rankings, market gainers and losers, historical snapshots for comparative analysis, coverage of legal tender adoptions like El Salvador and the Central African Republic, NFT statistics, upcoming crypto market sales, on-chain data insights, exchange updates, and a myriad of other pertinent information.

The CoinMarketCap newsletter, with its expansive reach of over 2.2 million subscribers, exemplifies its widespread acclaim and influence within the crypto community, all while remaining freely accessible for interested readers.

11. CoinGecko


Established in 2014, CoinGecko embarked on a mission to democratize access to crypto data, empowering users with valuable insights to enhance their asset-related decision-making processes. In 2018, the platform expanded its reach by introducing a newsletter, aimed at delivering essential crypto news and insightful trends directly to subscribers' email inboxes.

With a substantial readership exceeding 100,000 individuals, the curated daily email from CoinGecko offers a smooth flow of information covering diverse aspects of the crypto landscape, including market updates, expert opinions, tutorials, announcements, reports, and publications. This aligns with the platform's overarching goal of making crypto data easily accessible and trends more comprehensible to its audience.

While the daily newsletter remains complimentary, Premium+ subscribers of the CoinGecko platform enjoy an exclusive weekly roundup email consolidating the week's discussions from individual newsletters. This premium offering caters to subscribers seeking a concise overview amidst the daily influx of updates.

12. Etherscan


Etherscan is a widely acclaimed block explorer for the Ethereum network that serves as a pivotal tool enabling users to access public data pertaining to Ethereum transactions, wallet addresses, smart contracts, and other on-chain information. This helps attain its goal of fostering transparency and accessibility within the blockchain realm. In January 2020, Etherscan introduced the Genesis Newsletter to provide users with timely updates on various developments. In keeping with the theme, each newsletter edition is aptly named a "block," symbolizing a foundational element within the blockchain architecture. Each “block” newsletter is sent out once a month.

With a substantial subscriber base exceeding 1.1 million individuals, this Web3 newsletter delivers the latest insights encompassing Ethereum and the broader blockchain landscape. Subscribers benefit from a wealth of content including ecosystem news, in-depth analysis, comprehensive reports, historical snapshots, developer-centric updates, and engaging community activities such as polls offering opportunities to earn free ETH, exclusive swag items, and more.

Serving as an invaluable monthly update consisting of key events and advancements within the blockchain space, the Genesis Newsletter offers value at no additional cost, making it a highly sought-after resource for enthusiasts and professionals alike.


The web3 and crypto newsletters landscape in 2024 offers a variety of options catering to the needs of those already in crypto and those wishing to enter and learn. These newsletters serve as invaluable tools for staying informed, providing curated news and jobs, expert analysis, and insights directly to subscribers' inboxes.

Moreover, it is crucial for crypto newsletters in any domain of Web3 to try and genuinely create an environment of learning and fostering so that the same people contribute to the decentralized economy and uplift it whichever way they can.

There’s one example below.



What are the benefits of subscribing to web3 and crypto newsletters?

Subscribing to crypto and Web3 newsletters offers numerous benefits, including staying informed on industry trends, accessing educational content, gaining exclusive insights, networking opportunities, identifying investment prospects, advancing careers, engaging with the community, and remaining updated on job openings and career advice. Overall, newsletters serve as valuable resources for individuals looking to deepen their understanding of the crypto space, make informed decisions, and connect with a diverse network of industry professionals and enthusiasts.

How do crypto newsletters tailor content to different levels of expertise?

Crypto newsletters tailor their content to different levels of expertise by offering a variety of topics that cater to both novice investors and seasoned enthusiasts in the crypto space. These newsletters recognize that not all crypto enthusiasts are the same, with diverse interests, knowledge levels, and motivations. Moreover, some newsletters find it easier to decide on what kind of tone and topics they want to get into, which would ultimately decide the kind of readers they get. There is no shortage of newsletters that cater to all levels of enthusiasts, from beginner to advanced.

What are the best paid crypto newsletters?

There are several paid crypto newsletters but some of the best are as follows: The Pomp Letter, Bankless, The Defiant DeFi Alpha and Bitcoin Magazine Pro.

What criteria should one consider when selecting a cryptocurrency newsletter?

Some of the key factors to take into account would be the subscriber count, because that directly shows if it has the approval of the public. Another factor to consider is the publisher’s reputation, which can be determined easily through a few Google searches and a visit to their website. Additionally, the content focus should be taken into account for example cryptocurrencies, blockchain development, NFTs, DAOs, decentralized finance, etc. On the other hand, it’s important to determine the quality of the newsletter and if it serves the purpose rightly, privacy considerations, unsubscribe options, etc.

What types of newsletters can be found in the Web3 space?

The Web3 landscape is expansive and dynamic, encompassing a diverse array of topics such as DeFI, DAOs, decentralized application development, ecosystem updates, web3 education and development, cryptocurrency trading and investment insights, market trends, security vulnerabilities, NFTs, employment opportunities in the crypto and web3 sectors, among others. These newsletters may be distributed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or ad-hoc basis, each presenting a unique voice, style, format, and branding. Depending on individual preferences and needs, readers have the option to subscribe to both free and premium crypto newsletters.

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