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Crypto Community Management & Community Building [2024]

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Key Takeaways:

  • Community management in crypto relies on strong engagement and communication skills.
  • Important skills for a community manager in the crypto space include writing, public speaking, and event planning.
  • Networking and being active within the community are key to finding a job in this field.
  • Community managers must manage stress and maintain mental health due to high interaction levels in engaging with the community.
  • Progress in a community management career involves becoming a thought leader and building reputable crypto relationships.
  • Community manager salaries vary widely, reflecting differences in experience and role impact.

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies. However, the entire industry was community-created and still community-led. This has led to the emergence of a new and exciting field: community management in crypto.

If you're interested in getting started as a crypto community manager, here are some tips.

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Who Is a Community Manager, and What Do They Do?

A community manager is a person who oversees the online community of a company or organization. They are responsible for developing and executing crypto community-building strategies to engage and grow your community. Community managers also monitor feedback and address any concerns or complaints from community members.

In the past, becoming a community manager for a crypto project was as simple as being an active member of the project's online community and Discord channel. Platforms like Reddit and Discord are still popular in crypto communities.

These days, a community manager needs to be well-versed in multiple platforms and navigate the ever-changing social media landscape. A community manager can be a part of any crypto marketing agency team, and they are also tasked with building and maintaining community engagement. A community manager's job is to engage both current and potential users of a given project.

The Basics: What Skills and Knowledge Do You Need to Be a Community Manager in Crypto?


Community managers are responsible for managing and building a strong relationship between a company or organization and its customers or followers. For example, in crypto, community managers are needed to keep the communication lines open with holders of a coin or token and investors, journalists, and other interested parties.

The core skills you need to be a community manager in crypto include:

Writing: This one is kind of obvious: If you want to be a good community manager, you should also be an excellent writer to effectively communicate and engage your community.

Public speaking: Community Managers must be comfortable speaking to a group of people, small or large. Community management is a people job. So public speaking is another critical skill.

Event planning: Community Managers represent a company to their community. So they're also at the forefront of all events and event planning. A lot of the events happen both online and offline in the crypto space. So it is also essential for community managers to attend relevant events for community growth.

Other skills that are useful for a community manager:

Social Media Marketing: Most companies usually have a dedicated marketing team that takes care of social media. But community management is also at the intersection of it. People who are a part of the community are also often the target audience on social media. So community managers and marketing teams typically work together in social media management.

Customer Service: Once again, customer service is something that most companies have a separate department for. But as community manager serve the community, they must also be able to address any concerns from their customers.

Finding Your First Job: What Resources Are Available to Help You Find Your First Job in Crypto?

The cryptocurrency industry is growing rapidly and offers many opportunities for those looking for their first job. However, finding that first job can be a daunting task. Nevertheless, many resources are available to help you find your first job in crypto, including Crypto Jobs List.

The best way to find a job in crypto is to start by networking with people in the industry and attending events where you can meet potential employers. It also goes a long way if you are a part of the community.

f you're looking to become a community manager, the first thing is to be a part of the community. Then, put in some effort and be noticed. Most projects are happy to hire people who are already passionate about their blockchain projects.

On the Job: What Should You Expect From Your First Job as a Community Manager in Crypto?

Suppose you're just starting out in your career or looking for a new opportunity in crypto. In that case, you may be wondering what to expect from your first job as a community manager. Community management plays a critical role in any cryptocurrency organization, and it can be a lot of work. But it can also be very rewarding, both financially and emotionally.

The first step in becoming an effective community manager is accepting that you're not going to be the best at everything. As a community manager, you'll be managing expectations from both the business and the community.

Then, there's the burn-out. Community managers deal with hundreds of people daily and help them out while forgetting about themselves. Mental health is an essential aspect that crypto community managers should pay attention to so that they don't get tired of the job very quickly.

You should also be highly organized and capable of multitasking as there's a different fire to put out every day. A community manager is constantly dealing with multiple tasks within the community.

Moving Up: How Can You Progress in Your Career in Crypto Community Management Services

Community management is a critical function in the cryptocurrency industry. Here are some tips on progressing in your career as a community manager.

  1. Establish yourself as a thought leader. Write articles, give talks at conferences, and contribute to online forums and discussion groups. Market yourself as an expert in the industry while representing your company and community on social media or any platform.

  2. Develop relationships with key players in the industry. Reach out to exchanges, wallets, and other companies involved in crypto and build trust with potential partners.

  3. Establish yourself as a trusted brand. Get to know your audience and the people who are part of the crypto community, and take the time to understand their needs, pain points, and concerns.

  4. Host and attend events. Events are a great way to socialize with your existing community and reach out to new people in crypto.

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Crypto Community Manager Salary

So how much does a crypto community manager make? Community Manager salaries are very subjective and mostly depend on experience. So when you're starting out, you might even have to volunteer in various projects to gain some valuable experience.

According to our crowd-sourced salary stats, the average salary of a Crypto community manager is $44,000 per year. However, the bottom 10% of the community managers make $10K per year, while the top 10% make $80K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best crypto community platform?

The best crypto community platform often depends on the specific needs and preferences of the community, but popular options include Discord and Telegram. These platforms offer robust tools for real-time communication and have extensive features that support large groups, making them ideal for dynamic and interactive community engagement.

Q2. How do crypto community management agencies measure community engagement and success?

Crypto community management agencies typically measure community engagement and success through metrics such as active user counts, post and comment frequencies, and engagement rates on specific posts. Additionally, they may analyze sentiment within the community and track conversion rates from community activities to specific crypto-related actions like token purchases or event participation.

Staying updated with the latest trends and changes in the crypto industry involves regularly reading industry news from reputable sources, participating in community discussions, and attending conferences and webinars. Many professionals also follow influential figures and organizations on social media and subscribe to newsletters that provide curated insights and updates.

Community Management Is a Challenging but Rewarding Role in the Crypto Industry

Community management is sometimes challenging. You need to always be on top of everything, and there's always something new that's coming up. But this job is also gratifying in crypto.

As previously mentioned, the crypto industry is hugely community-driven. Community managers get a front-row seat while taking part in this space. Crypto companies that make no effort to encourage community members and reach out to their community eventually fail. As companies understand the importance of this role, more of them are now hiring a community manager as one of their first few hires.

If you are up for the challenge, check out some of the community manager jobs that are available right now.

Additional Resource:

We recently conducted a Twitter Space with some of the top Crypto community managers. The space has been converted into a podcast. We recommend listening to this episode for a lot of alpha and valuable insights from the experts.

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