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How to Become a Solidity Developer?

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Solidity is a programming language designed by Ethereum Network to construct, design, develop and implement smart contracts across various blockchain platforms. Smart contracts are programs that monitor the behavior of accounts within the Ethereum blockchain. This high-level and object-oriented language is used in70+ countries. It acts as an effective tool for customizing machine-level code and transferring it to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

How to Become a Solidity Developer

As more companies are using the Ethereum blockchain to promote business growth, the demand for solidity developers is also rising. Due to the increase in demand, the average salary of solidity developers is growing simultaneously. All these factors make this a good to pursue a career as a solidity developer. If you don't know how to step into this field, read this guide.

Why Become a Solidity Developer?

Smart contract platforms and Ethereum's popularity is the primary reason why every company wants to hire a Solidity developer. Moreover, Solidity is an open-source and easy-to-write programming language that is more suitable for developing decentralized apps. As billions of dollars are invested yearly in crypto blockchain technology, multiple enterprises need a Solidity developer to execute reliable transaction channels that do not require third parties to process crypto transactions.

Since 2016, when cryptocurrency had a big breakthrough, many software engineers and developers have shifted toward this technology. However, there are still not enough qualified people to fill these positions, especially of a Solidity developer. Therefore, becoming a Solidity developer is one of the strongest career to pursue.

How Much Can You Earn as a Solidity Developer?

Solidity language has had a slow but steady rise in popularity. In the middle of 2021, the average Solidity Developer Salary shot up 3%. As a result, junior developer’s salary package was upgraded from $70,000 to $110,000, and senior developers started earning $150,000 instead of $110,000.

Currently, the average salary of a medium-level solidity developer in the USA is around $80,000 per year. A junior solidity developer earns $20,000 to $40,000 and a senior one can earn $100,000 per year. As solidity developers are scattered around the world, it is important to check out their average earnings for the role in different countries.

Country Average Salary
North America $125,000 to $200,000
South America $49,000 to $150,000
Oceania $85,000 to $120,000
Europe $80,000 to $135,000
Africa $49,000 to 75,000
Asia $46,000 to $116,000
Freelance $113,000 to $200,000

Steps for Becoming a Solidity Developer

You need to focus on acquiring new skills if you want to become a good Solidity developer. You can learn them by following these steps:

1. Learn The Basics

The first step is to gain in-depth knowledge of Solidity, especially if you are new to programming. Start with basic online courses on the language and learn how to use this programming language. Once you have nailed these skills, you can polish them and become a good Solidity developer.

2. Learn The Fundamental Concepts of Blockchain

Now that you know what Solidity is, focus on studying the fundamentals of blockchain like web3, crypto and smart contracts. You can learn more about What is Web3 here. It is an upgraded, decentralized, and more secure version of web 2.0. Unlike web 2.0, it allows read and write program execution. Learning web3 will teach you the development process of decentralized applications and their operations.

After this, learn about creating smart contracts. Smart contract is a self-executing agreement between a crypto buyer and seller. It is written directly into the lines of the code and distributed through the blockchain network. Learning about smart contracts is very important because it secures blockchain transactions, removing the middleman and allowing two parties to confidentially complete any interaction. While learning about these concepts, you should also improve your front-end and back-end programming skills.

3. Learn The Technical Concepts

As a Solidity developer, you must have extensive knowledge of Ethereum blockchain, as this programming language is created by the Ethereum team. Therefore, familiarize yourself with Ethereum and EVM. Smart contracts are created on EVM, making it necessary to know its functions. Meanwhile, allocate some time to review Remix Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Remix IDE is the best IDE for Solidity because it is used at every level of smart contract development. Knowing about remix IDE will help you compile and debug the code.

4. Enroll in Solidity Training Program

Even if you know the basics of Solidity and its aspects, you need experience and training to execute them perfectly. Moreover, it will not secure you the desired job position. Therefore, you can enroll in professional Solidity courses to learn the perspective and techniques of a professional Solidity developer. This program will also teach you how each feature of Solidity can be expertly used to develop a good smart contract. In the training course, you will learn new programming techniques and polish those skills by practicing constantly.

5. Become Active in The Solidity Developer Community

Being a part of the Solidity developer community provides the perfect opportunity to learn from other professionals. You can find several discussion forums where professionals share tips to improve your skill levels. You will also learn to avoid certain coding and programming mistakes in these forums. You can even ask for new job openings and find a good job according to your skill level.

How to Find Solidity Developer Jobs?

As a fresh Solidity developer, your first challenge will be to find the perfect job. Instead of focusing on high-paying jobs, focus on gaining experience. This will improve your skills and prepare you to work in a fast-paced environment.

Remote Vs. In-House Job

Before looking for a job, decide if you want a remote or an in-house job. If you have multiple jobs, transportation issues, or are currently studying. It is better to search for remote Solidity jobs. It will help you manage everything without stressing yourself out. If you are not juggling these issues, an in-house job is a good option, as it will provide you with more exposure and help you expand your network.

Find The Company

For an in-house job, the most important task is to figure out the type of company you want to work in. You can either work in a small business company or a big corporate company, depending on your skill and experience. It is perfectly fine to start working in a small company, as you have more opportunities to hone your skills. You can work your way up the corporate ladder with years and secure your dream position.

Once you decide on the perfect place, search on online job sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed and Crypto Jobs List. These forums have multiple job openings and instantly allow you to apply with your resume.

Prepare well for your interviews by exploring through various resources available online. Make sure to spend some time to understand how Solidity interviews are structured and what kind of questions are asked.

We have published a list of 57 Web3 developer interview questions and answers to aid you in your interviews.

Register On Freelance Platforms

For remote work, the easiest way to start your Solidity developer career is through freelance portals. You can register in multiple forums and collect projects. Unfortunately, one drawback of freelancing without in-house experience is that you will have a tough time attracting clients. But once you have a good client base, it is smooth sailing. That is why, instead of limiting yourself to one platform, find opportunities across various freelancing forums.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Solidity Developer?

Even after becoming a Solidity developer, you may wonder about the job responsibilities. As a Solidity developer, your main duty will be to code decentralized applications and smart contracts in the Solidity language. In addition to that, you will be doing:

  • Smart contracts and dApps management
  • Network architecture development
  • Security standard development and management
  • Technical review assessment of blockchain
  • Development of new features to improve the performance of existing blockchain projects
  • Solidity code integration across different blockchain platforms

Wrapping Up

Solidity developers use the Solidity programming language to develop, manage, and launch decentralized smart contracts on (including but not limited to) Ethereum. This programming language is used all across the globe, making it the perfect career choice. As most companies want to hire a Solidity Developer, you can avail multiple hiring opportunities.

As a Solidity developer, your main duties will revolve around smart contracts and decentralized apps. However, you will also work on managing and solving other blockchain issues. Follow the steps mentioned in this blog to train and achieve your dream of becoming a Solidity developer. Once your training is complete, you can find a perfect Solidity job here.. It has hundreds of new job openings that are updated daily. So, you can find new opportunities from different locations immediately.

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