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Top Skills to Land a Web3 Job: Become a Better Crypto Hire in 2023

The global crypto market has exponentially grown amid weak overall economic growth across the globe.

It is still projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.5% over the next 7 years just in the US alone.

What does this imply?

Fresh graduates and professionals who are considering crypto & web3 as a career are potentially going to have the doors of great opportunities open up for them over the next few years.

Nothing is more fulfilling than getting your first crypto job in web3. But while the industry presents several employment opportunities, aspiring candidates must keep up with the in-demand skills required for crypto jobs.

So if you plan to become a better hire for web3 projects, below are the skills to develop and acquire this year.

6 Skills to Develop for Crypto Jobs in 2023

Although web2 has many skills that are directly transferable into the web3 industry, web3 still requires some specific attributes that make you a good candidate in the field.

Here are six such skills to develop and acquire for you to land a crypto job and advance your career:

1. Coding and Programming

Web3 is on the forefront of tech innovation in the world. And by default it means that the demand for proficient developers remains high and will remain so in the future too.

It’s best to become well-versed with programming languages like Solidity, Rust or Vyper for developing smart contracts and building decentralized applications (dApps).

If you are new to the field of development however you might want to start with a language such as Javascript then slowly progressing into the web3 specific frameworks.

2. Web3 Design

To begin, what is web3? It’s the next evolution of the ‘internet’ built on decentralized networks like blockchain.

This implies that aside from understanding the traditional web design principles, we must also prepare for the unique challenges and opportunities that web3 presents.

The way users interact with blockchain platforms is fundamentally different from traditional web2 systems. This poses interesting UI/UX design challenges as the customer behavior is different.

Understanding UI and UX design specifically for web3 can help candidates reap huge rewards in their crypto careers.

3. Blockchain, Cryptography, and Cybersecurity

Establishing a crypto career begins with three key aspects.

Start by having a solid understanding of blockchain—what the technology is and how it works. While at it, learn the different blockchain elements and various network types. This basic knowledge serves as your foundation in pursuing a crypto career.

To advance further, explore cryptography, the practice of securing networks. You can learn more about cryptographic protocols, elliptic curve signatures, cryptographic hashing, and Merkle proofs.

If you don’t have a tech background then simply reading a few blog posts on the above topics by people such as Vitalik Buterin (Founder of Ethereum) are going to be more than enough to understand the basic premise of the above.

Finally, you can also delve into cybersecurity to understand how information is secured and data is protected against cyberattacks.

This helps you be safe while working with web3 projects and maintain best general security practices minimizing the chance of a breach from your side.

4. Data Analysis

Blockchain is all about the movement of data. This means there is a huge potential for people who understand how data works in the modern world and how the data flow is maintained.

Data Analysts in web3 are an extremely valuable part of any team. They are responsible for analyzing and interpreting data to produce insights, predict markets, and make informed decisions. They should also be adept at using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools to aid them.

However even as someone who is not building their career in data, understanding the basics of data in blockchain would help you out immensely in building a robust career in web3.

5. Web3 Marketing

Web3 is at least 50% about the community if not more. This means that the reliance on marketers, community managers, SEO & content professionals is pretty high and the overall demand does verify this trend as well.

You can venture into email marketing, content, and social media marketing. And if you specialize in the crypto niche, you can have a lucrative job as a web3 marketer.

6. Content Writing

A lot of non technical people think of crypto & web3 as purely technical which is not entirely true. Although a big portion of the communication & content needs to be technically sound, the tech savviness that is required is not that high for content writers.

Content writers can simplify the tech into simple language that anyone can understand and that skill has quite a high value attached to it.

Additionally, web3 moves really fast and since it's a new field there is a lot to report as well. So even opportunities in web3 journalism are a great way to explore web3.

That said, writers should also spend time learning the basics of blockchain tech and how crypto works.

Ryan Hammill, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Ancient Language Institute, promotes the value of consistent learning.

“Whether you’re looking to learn a new language or acquire a technical skill, it all starts with the willingness to learn.”

Top Crypto Jobs or Roles To Consider in 2023

2022 was a bit tough for web3 as highlighted in our Crypto Jobs Report, with multiple huge collapses including the FTX debacle. But despite such events, companies continued to hire for crypto jobs in the last 12 months.

Number Of Web3 Companies Hiring.png

The number of hiring companies increased by 14% from December 2021 to March 2022. However, it decreased by 44% from March to July 2022. It then recovered by 33% from July to December 2022 continuing the uptrend now even as we cross mid 2023.

These facts and figures imply that crypto jobs will continue to be in demand as long as people aspire to build and innovate in this sector.

Below are some relevant roles in the crypto & web3 industry to consider in 2023:

Blockchain Developers, Engineers, and Architects

These professionals design and develop blockchain-based systems and applications. They have knowledge of cryptography, blockchain protocols, and decentralized networks as well as skills in programming languages & web3 specific frameworks.

Data Scientists

These professionals analyze large datasets and extract insights to forecast market trends and make business decisions. They usually have professional backgrounds in research, statistics, and data analysis.

Web Developers

These professionals build and maintain blockchain-based platforms and applications. They understand web3 development through languages and libraries such as JavaScript, React, Web3JS.

Security Architects

These professionals are responsible for establishing network security and implementing security measures to protect digital assets and prevent cyber attacks. They usually have expertise in cybersecurity and cryptography. Some key certifications include Security+, CISSP, CISA, CEH etc.

Institutional Crypto Trading Analysts

These professionals plan buying and selling strategies based on various market indicators for institutions and investors alike. As such, they understand the cryptocurrency markets and current trends.

Web3 Marketers

These professionals implement online marketing, advertising, and social media campaigns to promote the projects, build communities, build & execute content strategies, influencer marketing campaigns etc.

Web3 Content Writers

These professionals create written content, such as blog posts, newsletters, whitepapers, revolving around web3. They have specialized knowledge and skills in the industry and are great communicators.

Business Development Managers

These professionals create new business opportunities and manage stakeholder relationships. They are also expected to understand crypto, web3 and the basics of blockchain tech.

Wrapping Up

It’s safe to say that the crypto industry looks bright and promising. As it continues to grow and evolve, this sector needs talented professionals to drive industry innovation and navigate its complexities.

To get hired for a crypto job, consider the attributes discussed above. Whether you plan to become a blockchain architect, web 3.0 developer, or data analyst, develop and acquire the skills you need to succeed.

Ultimately, the future is bright for those willing to invest their time and effort in becoming better crypto hires!

As always, good luck for your web3 job search!

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