Tranche Finance Hired Their Dream Designer to Revolutionize DeFi

DeFi platforms have taken off this year, and companies like Tranche Finance are at the forefront of this innovation. Yield farming is one of the most popular applications in DeFi: users get a return on a regular basis for the liquidity they provide. However, this return is variable and depends on the liquidity that's available.

Tranche Finance offers two options here: You can deposit your liquidity for a fixed return, or you have to choose a variable return that's slightly higher than the native platforms. Users can effectively manage their risks when it comes to DeFi through Tranche Finance.


Tranche Finance is a remote team of 12 members, and they were looking to hire a Designer. As a company that has used CryptoJobsList as their go-to hiring platform, they did so again. This time, the challenge was tougher. They needed a designer who knows the crypto ecosystem and understands designing the look and feel of Web3 DeFi Applications.

Through CryptoJobsList, Tranche Finance got to access a vast pool of talent, and finally found their dream candidate! Tranche Finance was impressed with the smooth job-post process and the speed at which they got responses.

What sets CryptoJobsList apart is that we understand the crypto ecosystem. Companies come to us to hire the best talent who are not only at the top of their fields, but also understand the Crypto industry very well.

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