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Angle is building technology that accelerates the development of stablecoins in blockchains and in traditional finance. The protocol has been live on Ethereum mainnet since the 3rd of November and launched agEUR, the biggest Euro stablecoin.

Our branding efforts currently consist in multiple websites:,, some visuals including NFT collections:,,, as well as a branding kit:

We feel it’s an awesome brand around which a solid community gathers. We've been working with free-lancers so far, and we now want to have a Creative Director in-house to lead and double down our efforts. The protocol could do much more in terms of branding image and many new initiatives could be undertaken to help reinforce it.

This includes for example: NFTs, custom branding visuals, custom social profiles for team members, reworking the Angle app, analytics and Angle landing page with cool designs, videos and tutorials, merch for the community, ...

The overall goal is to reinforce Angle brand image and presence in the crypto sphere and beyond.

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