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At Mimo, we're building a DeFi protocol that offers PAR, the first stablecoin algorithmically pegged to the Euro through its multi-chain platform: the Parallel Protocol.

We're building apps and smart contracts to provide simple, and usable tools for regular consumers to access and manage crypto and non-crypto assets. We're working with regulated entities in Europe, have sound development practices and contribute to Open Source. As blockchain developers, programmers and enthusiasts, our team is constantly at the pursuit of innovation to solve the problems faced by the DeFi community.

Our team is diverse and have been working in the crypto industry for years. We are distributed across all continents and thrive at working together.

Be part of the Mimo team. Innovate with us!


If you want to know us more, come talk to us on Telegram: https://t.me/mimodefi 

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Senior Rust developer


Full-Stack Smart Contract / DApp developer


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