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We are group of tech investors, serial entrepreneurs, tech geeks, software engineers & crypto enthusiasts with 10+ years of experience in M&A, VC-investing, crypto, product & software development. 

We launched our first big company in 2021 and scaled it from 10 to 100+ people in 2 years before we did the exit to a strategic investor. 

Now we are building a VC-incubator with several projects in our portfolio that we plan to launch at the same time. Everything we do is related to 2 industries only. Crypto & AI. 

Our mission is to make a world of crypto & AI closer to real people and users by means of delivering smart AI-based analytics, building Big Data solutions and extracting insights to the end user. 

We are open to add new highly-talented people to our team that have experience in tech, development, crypto and AI.

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