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The Internet Of Humans

Proof of Humanity is a system combining webs of trust and dispute resolution to create a sybil-proof list of humans, powered and trusted by Coopérative Kleros and Democracy Earth. The identity registry on ethereum has created the first democratic DAO on Ethereum, and the largest Universal Basic Income experiment using cryptocurrencies to date, with a monthly allocation in UBI to each member of the registry. 
Check the website to learn more and register! 
Proof of Humanity is currently being maintained by Kleros: a tight-knit team, supported by a large community, that works together to democratize access to justice using cutting edge technologies. The team is deeply integrated with the Ethereum ecosystem, but its mission transcends it.

Kleros' core is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol that crowdsources arbitration. In other words, an online court system, secured by cryptography and game theory. Check out the website to learn more.  
Democracy Earth Foundation is building free, open source software for incorruptible blockchain-based decision-making (voting) within institutions of all sizes, from the most local involving two people to the most global involving all of us. 
All in all: We are community leaders, crypto- economists, designers, engineers, makers, mathematicians, thinkers, and writers. Our tasks are incredibly varied and exciting. Building a digital justice system and integrating with applications comes with all the usual challenges of your favorite tech companies plus so much more!

Who Are We Looking For?
Finding and evaluating talent for a decentralized organisation is not easy. Note that the selection of the right talent will ultimately be decided by the DAO, but we can give recommendations. We believe the DAO will consider two critical elements for hiring: commitment and competence.

Commitment speaks to the fact that we need someone who will take ownership of this work, ideally committing for a year.

Competence speaks to the technical skills which are required. For now, most of the work is on the Proof of Humanity interface, continuously upgrading it and fixing bugs. 

We’re proud to have created a work environment where everyone feels safe speaking their minds, and everyone is heard and considered. Collective thinking is the best way for everyone to succeed.

We place a lot of trust in each other, and we have flexible work schedules. You are welcome to relocate to work out of the Lisbon’s office, but almost all of our teams work remotely.

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