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QAO is a dual-chain DeFi ecosystem that is need of some developers. Main project is to complete the roll out of the financial api that is a complex dashboard pulling financial information from nearly a dozen other api's to diplay stock, crypto, etf, nft, currency, commodities, and alternative assets. V2 will include the collateraliztion smart contracts along with the QAO Dex and stable coin to be able provide users the ability the create unique indexes that are collateralized and become tradable vehicles like other protocols. V1 is being released within the next 6 weeks. Metaverse game nearly almost complete as well "Globeheads". Also has a NFT minting platform with a Web3 app that allows the community to vote and stake, as well as to collect rewards from the 6+ revenue fee pools.


After the first grant hiring was so successful last month, the QAO community has voted to open up 5 more grants to hire and pay new developers. The work is part time at your convenience.

Grant is paid for in QAO (6B billion) . Current value $8,700. At all-time high 5-6 months ago 100K. Payment is unlocked at the end of each month when the contribution is proven and voted for approval.

Searching for developers with 1 or more skills in Solidity, Unity, NodeJS backend developer. VueJS or ReactJS frontend developer.

Ideal candidate would have previous experience in blockchain. We are especially looking for 1 Dev with experience in Unity as we have a Metaverse game under development.

More information at
You can find our roadmap and the white paper on the mainsite.

More articles can be found here-

Also a ton of more information and links on discord where you can come talk to us and the dev's and see what were all about and what the team is building.

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