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SkillZ is born out of our own frustrations in building distributed products.

Infrastructure companies always pave the way for faster emerging technologies adoption. The electrical grid enabled the growth of consumer appliances; telecommunications networks enabled the growth of Internet-based products.

We provide the infrastructure for the next light bulb, the killer application of the decentralization world. This is the early days of decentralization and we give picks and shovels for those who bring this future a bit closer to the present.

SkillZ was founded in 2018 and we now support over thirty teams to build the decentralized future.

By building scalable and reliable infrastructure tools, we help every team go beyond proofs-of-concept and deliver production-grade products. Builders get read-and-write nodes they can rely upon to focus on building decentralized apps; Investors get validator nodes they leverage to support protocols they believe in.

We are a small founding team with deep experience in crypto, hiring and infrastructure.

We're supported by a close group of investors and advisors that we admire, including people from Ledger, Scaleway, and Bitfury.

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