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  • We exist to make Web3 brands matter

  • A new Layer 1 with 2m+ users that combines the best of BTC & ETH together

  • Your digital wealth partner

  • Zenon knows doers are unrecruitable, so it gave them a leaderless network.

  • NFT Marketplace

  • The future of automation is here.

  • "Community destination to trade NFTs"

  • A cutting-edge, smart-drinks company

  • Cryptoeconomics is Civilization Architecture

  • A web3 focused VC catering to emerging markets

  • Manage your DeFi Life

  • The building blocks of asset management

  • Be a part of something big with PINTU

  • Wallet | Banking | Crypto payments

  • Algorithmic crypto trading, made easy!

  • Protect your DeFi assets

  • New Metaverse in Stealth Mode

  • Universal Access to Banking

  • The conquest of the Blockchain space

  • "Telling the stories that change the world"

  • The full potential of your trading

  • "Stop searching for the best prices"

  • We make Web3 simple, by showing you what happens at the smart contract level in a human-readable format.

  • Customer Support for Web3

  • "Connect CEX & DEFI. Be Omniscient. Be Efficient."

  • Network, collab, and grow together.

  • Ultimate play-to-earn survival game

  • Web3 gaming company focused on top-quality games with crypto and NFT elements

  • Our vision is to create generation defining games that grant power and ownership to the players who play them.

  • Accelerating the Blockchain Revolution

  • A stable payments EVM blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions.

  • Web3 Venture Studio

  • MintWorld is a web3 based 2D Monster Catcher RPG with blockchain collectibles

  • web3 wallet

  • Native Spanish? Love sports? Join us!

  • Trust Less. Connect More.

  • Leading white-label loyalty on the blockchain

  • An relay chain running communication protocols on it

  • On-chain random number generator DAO

  • Yield Optimizer on Aptos

  • Semper Ad Meliora

  • HUMANS is creating an all-in-one platform for AI-based creation and governance with an initial focus on synthetic media.