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Jul 26

NYM Ventures is a group of ambitious crypto startups on a mission to leverage blockchain technology, crypto, and NFTs to build world-class businesses that benefit our world and its people. As a values-driven company, we believe in empowering people and communities, building solutions to important problems, advocating for responsibility in business, and inclusion, equality, and respect. 

We are seeking an experienced and motivated individual with a passion for blockchain technology to join as Director of Technology and plan, engage, deploy, and manage our in-house and outsourced technology resources to achieve our short and long-term goals. 

The Director of Technology will build and manage our technical team members on a group-wide and per-business unit basis, and oversee the development and sustainable, extensible operation of our technology-based tools and solutions. Immediate to short-term projects include a DAO-as-a-service platform, and a cryptocurrency exchange.  

The successful applicant for this role will be a results-focused self-starter who supports our corporate mission and values. If that’s you, please submit a cover letter, and resume.

This is a part-time position and remotely-based position with the potential to expand into a full-time role. Remuneration will be made in crypto tokens at competitive rates and the successful applicant will participate in related token offerings upon launch.

Job Description

NYM Ventures is a portfolio of crypto start-ups, with a fast-paced environment that adapts to the latest trends in Web 3.0. Founded in Trinidad & Tobago, we have expanded well beyond the Caribbean, with a growing global team that covers software development, marketing, community management, sales, legal, and finances.

We are looking for a Community Moderator primarily for our NFT project, which is minting in 1 week. The Community Moderator will help with the following tasks:
- Create engagement on our Discord Server and Twitter Groups
- Engage with the Tweets of our community members and our main accounts
- Participate in our Twitter Spaces and join some of the community Spaces
- Outreach via DMs and groups to grow the community
- Reporting on activities

Required soft skills:
- Attention to detail
- Good communicator
- Work well under pressure
- Able to multi-task
- Able to step out of your comfort zone
- Able to learn quickly and adapt
- Solid work ethic and values in a sincere way
- Humility

The ideal candidate should:
- Be available to communicate through WhatsApp groups and attend Zoom calls
- Full-time and flexible with schedule
- Have experience in Blockchain, especially NFTs and DAOs as a bonus.

Web 3.0 is an ever-changing fast-paced environment, thus we are looking for an experienced Community mod that can move at the same pace, changing and adapting to new objectives when necessary.

If this sounds like you, start your application with the word "Blockchain" so that we know you read the entire job description and have attention to detail.

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