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May 05

Chainalysis is one of the oldest crypto companies to offer on-chain analysis for its clients. They offer investigation and compliance tools to crypto companies, government agencies, regulators, and more. For example, an exchange can hire them to flag transactions coming from wallets associated with exchange hacks or known terrorists to make sure they do not engage with them. Chainalysis software has been used to solve some of the biggest high-profile cases in the crypto industry.

Chainalysis has its offerings in more than 60 countries. At any given time, there are hundreds of Chainalysis Jobs. If you're looking for a career in Chainalysis, there's a lot of categories to choose from in Engineering, Marketing, and sales. Host of the jobs are not remote. But since Chainalysis has its offices in multiple countries, most jobs should be very accessible. Check out some of the Chainalysis jobs below:

Job Description

The global financial ecosystem is changing. Revolutionary blockchain technology has unlocked the potential for people around the world to have more equal access to wealth and information. This transformation has begun with the mass global adoption of cryptocurrencies but like all new financial systems, it needs greater trust to realize its full potential and remain safe from bad actors. That’s where we come in. The Chainalysis blockchain data platform enables businesses, governments, and banks to solve the world’s most high-profile criminal cases, paving the way for an economy built on blockchains.

The Engineering team at Chainalysis is inspired by solving the hardest technical challenges and creating products that build trust in cryptocurrencies. We’re a global organization with teams in the UK, Denmark, and the USA who thrive on the challenging work we do and doing it with other exceptionally talented teammates. Our industry changes every day and our job is to build a flexible platform that will allow us to adapt to those rapid changes.

As a Data Engineer, Analytics, you’ll be responsible for building and maintaining the data layer for our analytics stack, top to bottom. You will connect our analytics stack with the rest of our infrastructure using both streaming and batch processes. You’ll write and maintain ELTs and their orchestration in order to produce meaningful and timely insights. You’ll work closely with our BI engineers to build a system that has a sensible balance between data access and security, empowering analysts to support critical data-driven decisions across the company.

In one year you’ll know you were successful if you and have:

  • You’ve worked with other engineering teams to understand their data lifecycle, the right integration points and helped them integrate analytics at the design stage of projects.
  • You’ve developed and managed scalable data pipelines and build out new integrations with internal and external data sources
  • You’ve maintained optimal data pipeline architecture, including looking for and proposing improvements to the existing architecture.
  • Together with the rest of the team, you’ve evaluated our current analytics stack and are working towards a system that’s modern, scalable, maintainable and cost-effective.

A background like this helps:

  • Experience in greenfield data engineering projects, specifically in analytics and data infrastructure projects.
  • Advanced knowledge of modern data pipeline architecture and the AWS ecosystem including Redshift, Snowflake, Fivetran, Stitch, Databricks, Kafka, Airflow on Kubernetes and dbt
  • Experience performing root cause analysis on data logging and ingestion processes, identifying opportunities to improve instrumentation and observability
  • Comfort with Python, Java or another JVM language
  • Experience writing Advanced SQL queries
  • Have an interest in cryptocurrencies or a desire to learn - we can help!


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