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Mar 04

Sterling Stickies
March 04, 2023

We are a consumer web3 startup based in Los Angeles and London founded by serial entrepreneurs with experience at top-tier consumer startups (like Snap).

We’re backed by world class investors like Lightspeed Ventures Partners (Snap, Affirm) and Upfront Ventures (GOAT, Ring, Bird). We’re building a product to make the digital you a little bit more fun. We’ve closed a large seed round and launched an invite-only product in March ‘23.

Job Description

Before we get started…some tips

🎉 Make your application fun to read! It’s probably not going to work out if it’s a sterile resume perfectly formatted devoid of personality. This is for a job in social for a consumer company so…

🌯 Show us what you’ve done - the best meme you’ve created or an incredible shitpost where you ratio’d some clown. This will carry way more weight than a list of roles and responsibilities

💃 Take some chances…if you’re not laughing or a little nervous about your application you’re doing it wrong. We make irreverent stickers and animations here.

What you’ll do

  • Build a groundbreaking internet-first brand that will surprise and delight
  • Partner with us to design our social media campaigns that raise brand awareness, define our tone, and increase our reach
  • Design some irreverent contests and stunts that make you laugh
  • Run our social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Farcaster)
  • Set aggressive growth goals and blow through them
  • Be design capable: concept and design low-lift assets to post on social
  • Devise, organize, and manage marketing campaigns that span different formats (e.g. print, video, social)
  • Dive headfirst into the wacky world of digital identity and web3
  • Stay in tune with the zeitgeist, specifically web3
  • Roll your eyes a little bit at the term “zeitgeist”

What you’ll bring

  • 3+ years experience as a social media manager, growth lead, screenwriter, designer, or shitposter
  • Interest in web3 (e.g. you have a Coinbase account, you know what ETH is, etc.), but we don’t expect you to have worked in it or live and breathe it
  • The ability to speak internet
  • A portfolio of things that make us laugh
  • Ambition to build something great and color outside of the lines
  • Resiliency, scrappiness, and a default to yes
  • A short memory; trying and failing is encouraged
  • Strong communication skills

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50,000 - 75,000 USD / year
81 applications
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March 04, 2023

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