Lurk Documentation Engineer

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Job Description

As a Lisp-based Turing-complete programming language for recursive zk-SNARKs, Lurk is doing something new and exciting in the zk-proof space. Many people come to Lurk saying, “Lurk is so cool! How can I learn more? Are there things I can read to help me begin to use Lurk?” So far, the answers to those questions have been less thorough than they should be. We are looking for someone to create robust and accessible documentation that thoroughly responds to these needs.

Job Responsibilities...

  • Invest significant time in learning and understanding the current Lurk language and understanding its trajectory
  • Work closely with the current Lurk engineering team, the technical program manager, and key collaborators to identify and prioritize documentation needs
  • Devise and implement a plan to document all aspects of Lurk’s code, anticipating and accommodating its evolving nature
  • Documentation should include explanations, code samples, interactive examples, and resources for further study
  • Documentation should be relevant to both domain experts and newcomers

You are probably a good fit for this position if you…

  • like to make it easier to learn complex topics and use new technology
  • learn new concepts easily and with excitement
  • are familiar with the overall landscape of zk-proofs
  • are familiar with the Lisp family of programming languages (Common Lisp, Scheme, or another Lisp dialect)
  • are comfortable working in Rust
  • have worked on documentation for other programming languages

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