Product Manager, Core Products - Markets & Product Design

Protocol Labs is a research, development, and deployment institution for improving Internet technology. Protocol Labs leads groundbreaking internet projects, such as IPFS, the decentralized web protocol; Filecoin, a cryptocurrency incentivized storage network; and libp2p, a modular network stack for peer-to-peer apps and systems. Protocol Labs works openly, and is focused on the creation of value at a massive scale.

Job Description

You may be a fit for this role if you have...

  • Excellent communication and leadership skills

  • Engineering mentorship

  • Maintenance of healthy systems with low attention cost

  • Low attention cost: Well implemented systems that don’t require constant attention and bugfixes

  • Experience with modern DevOps tools and practices including Git

  • Experience in the development lifecycle, software automation, continuous deployment and integration

In this role you will be responsible for...

  • Seek to understand Filecoin/IPFS/libP2P and how it applies to the distributed peer to peer web

  • Continue to develop their expertise of understanding users, markets, and products

  • Will regularly communicate accomplishments and risk upward and outward

  • Comfortable with over-communication

  • Drive engineering rhythm for one or more engineering teams

  • Actively improve processes

  • Ensure quality code review across team members

  • Facilitate technical designs when appropriate

  • Develop junior and senior people through various career stages with regular 1-on-1s, feedback, and performance reviews

  • Participate as a hiring manager on any part of the interview loop

  • Self-motivated, fast learning, and will figure out how to get ambiguous tasks done

  • Stays organized

  • Stays detail oriented

  • Cares about people

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