Product Manager, Funding Mechanisms & Impact Certificates

Protocol Labs is a research, development, and deployment institution for improving Internet technology. Protocol Labs leads groundbreaking internet projects, such as IPFS, the decentralized web protocol; Filecoin, a cryptocurrency incentivized storage network; and libp2p, a modular network stack for peer-to-peer apps and systems. Protocol Labs works openly, and is focused on the creation of value at a massive scale.

Job Description

Key Summary:

We seek a Product Manager to help drive and coordinate the technical implementation of novel mechanisms for funding public goods and the tools to measure their outcomes. We are hiring primarily for a project on the implementation of impact certificates to enable impact markets with retrospective public goods funding, but can extend to work on other funding mechanisms such as impact evaluator platforms. 

As a Product Manager, you will engage with an experienced interdisciplinary team to design and build new products. The Product Manager is responsible for creating the project plan, schedule, and key milestones. You will work closely with the Network Funding team and external development teams to drive key aspects of product definition, execution, test and delivery. You must be responsive, flexible and able to succeed within a fast-paced environment.

Public-Goods Funding at Protocol Labs

Protocol Labs doesn’t just build core protocols for the decentralized web. We think engineers and researchers should work on a variety of high-leverage goals for the betterment of humanity.  For that reason, we're growing a team to develop and deploy better methods of funding the creation and maintenance of public goods.

As part of our public-goods team, you’ll be enabling outcomes at the forefront of our mission. Our team is granted both the freedom to develop knowledge by working on novel applications and a responsibility to contribute those skills toward advancing the mission of Protocol Labs.  You’ll feel at home working with us if your knowledge and optimism enable you to craft creative solutions working around evolving needs.

We are organizing the conference series Funding the Commons (, which provides insights into the evolving ecosystem at the intersection of public goods funding and web3. It’s a good way of checking if our work aligns with your interests. 

As a Product Manager at Protocol Labs you will…

  • Drive and coordinate the efficient delivery of cross-functional projects with ecosystem and external development teams
  • Work alongside a cross-functional team including research, engineering, and operations
  • Work with teams to evaluate the technical feasibility of funding mechanisms and associated internal measurement / analysis tools
  • Design and prototype multiple tools and implementations of funding mechanisms to distribute significant amounts of funding to the Protocol Labs ecosystem and beyond
  • Design, prototype and implement small scale user-facing web tooling and platforms
  • Guide the development of prototypes into production-ready implementations
  • Collaborate with ecosystem and external teams exploring new and out-of-the-box approaches to designing and implementing next-gen funding mechanisms
  • Gain high-level exposure across the PL stack (IPFS, Filecoin, LibP2P, etc.)
  • Work in a fully asynchronous and remote team

You may be a fit for this role if you have...

  • A proven track record of independently driving technical projects in a fast-paced environment with minimal oversight or guidance
  • Be comfortable discussing with engineers, understand the technology and develop a good intuition to aid on the decision making process
  • Experienced in gathering requirements, developing specifications, and driving execution
  • Product & project management experience
  • Experience with leading 3rd party teams, engineering teams and business stakeholders
  • Ability to drive effective teamwork, communication, collaboration and commitment across multiple disparate groups

Bonus points if you have...

  • Experience with and the desire to improve the funding systems for public goods
  • Familiarity with Web3 technology and concepts (smart contracts, blockchain, P2P networking)
  • Experience working in Open Source projects
  • Background in an agency or consultancy environment with diverse project types
  • Prior project or development experience in the Web3 ecosystem or prior experience in implementing funding mechanisms / operations
  • Familiarity with Protocol Labs stack (IPFS, Filecoin, LibP2P) through project work or open-source contributions
  • Technical familiarity with relevant flavors of economics (behavioral economics models, cryptoeconomic models, decentralized governance tooling).


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