Ramp.com - Frontend Engineer - Contractor

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May 23


Est. Compensation: 150k/yr

Series: D - 300+ Employees

Location: Argentina

Stack: React, Vite, Styled Components

Why Ramp

What You'll Need

  • Minimum of 5 years of frontend engineering experience

  • Proficiency in JavaScript and React

  • Desire to work in a fast-paced environment, continuously grow and master your craft

How this role differs from a Full Time Position

  • Your main responsibility is solving purely technical tasks

  • You will own a backlog of issues and implementations to lighten the burden on product teams

  • The interview process will be shorter and faster

Interview Process

Ramp is a top-of-market company and wants to find candidates that align in values, skills, and experience.

1. [Silver.dev](http://Silver.dev) Screening

1. Automated Screener challenge (<30 minutes)

2. Recruiter screening (job history, English, work experience)

3. Live Coding Interview

2. Ramp Interview Process Screening

  1. Live Coding Interview

  2. Recruiter Screening

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