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Apr 11

LinqAI is at the forefront of blending innovative technology with practical business solutions. Our expertise lies in creating versatile AI tools adaptable to any business environment, whether it's traditional sectors or the emerging Web3 space. These AI tools are specifically designed to automate mundane tasks, traditionally handled by human employees. By doing so, we aim to enhance the quality of life for employees, allowing them more time to focus on complex and creative tasks. This not only improves their work-life balance but also significantly boosts overall business efficiency. Our approach is not just about integrating AI into workflows; it's about redefining how businesses operate in an increasingly digital world, ensuring they are equipped for the future while also valuing their human capital.

The Role

As our Sales Specialist, you will be the bridge between LinqAI's innovative AI solutions and the dynamic world of Web3 businesses. Your role will be crucial in identifying potential clients, understanding their needs, and presenting our AIaaS and processes that can transform their operations. You'll not only be selling; you'll be consulting and guiding businesses into the future. This is a commission-based role that empowers you to earn as much as you can, with no cap on your potential earnings.

Key Responsibilities

Drive sales of Marketr with a focus on maximizing strategic business partnerships

Engage with clients to understand their business needs and how our AI solutions can drive their success.

Stay abreast of the latest trends in AI and Web3, translating complex concepts into easy-to-understand benefits for our clients.

Conduct in-depth research and ingest all relevant AI material on Marketr to understand the product & remain at the forefront of the industry.

Develop creative and innovative strategies to reach new markets and expand our presence in the Web3 space.

What We're Looking For

Proactivity and Self-Motivation: You're a go-getter who doesn't wait for opportunities but creates them.

Doxxed with a Professional Demeanor: You're well-presented, articulate, and comfortable being the face of LinqAI in the Web3 community.

Deep Understanding of Web3: You have more than just a basic knowledge of Web3; you're immersed in it.

Basic Foundation in AI and LLMs: While you don't need to be a developer, a basic understanding of AI, Large Language Models, and the industry is crucial.

Creativity and Imagination: You can think outside the box, bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the table that align with AI and Web3 interests.

Eagerness to Learn: Your interest in AI and Web3 is matched by your desire to continually learn and grow within these fields.

Driven by Results: You are motivated by performance-based rewards and thrive in a commission-based structure.

Compensation Package

The role is commission-based, crafted to significantly reward high achievers and motivate continuous excellence. Beyond monetary compensation, we also offer performance-dependent token bonuses, aligning your success with tangible rewards in the cutting-edge Web3 space. This unique compensation model is designed to reflect the value we place on your contributions and the pivotal role you play in our growth.

Why Join Us?

At LinqAI, you'll be part of a visionary team that's not just adapting to the future but defining it. We offer a stimulating work environment where your ideas are valued and your growth is a priority. You'll have the opportunity to work on projects that are reshaping industries, supported by a team that's as passionate about innovation as you are. With our commission-based structure, your potential is unlimited β€” the more you achieve, the more you earn.

How to Apply

If you're ready to take on this challenge and make a real impact, we'd love to hear from you. Please send your resume, a brief cover letter explaining why you're the perfect fit for this role, and any relevant links to your professional online presence to

If your application is successful, you will advance to the second round of our selection process, followed by a video interview. Please note, this is a full-time position, and as such, the expected work hours will align with standard full-time commitments.

Join us in revolutionizing businesses

with AI and Web3 β€” apply today!

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