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Senior Substrate Rust Developer

Our team at Composable Finance are on a mission to build a fully interoperable DeFi ecosystem capable of offering developers and end-users alike seamless user experience and utility. Next generation DeFi applications require robust cross-chain and cross-layer infrastructure including an array of intuitive developer tools and a vibrant decentralized community. Our core consists of cutting-edge solutions that allow builders to seamlessly build dApps capable of being deployed across one or several layer 1 or layer 2 infrastructure. Our vision of hyper liquidity and composability abstract the underlying technology into a single interface, unlocking the potential for new primitives to be developed at an unprecedented pace.

Job Description

Full time remote

We’re looking for a Senior Rust developer, with working knowledge of Substrate, and general familiarity with blockchain technologies.

If you join this role you will be able to:

  • Work together in a senior team.
  • Pitch your own ideas regarding (technical) design.
  • Sync with Ethereum developers building other things in the space.

We are looking for someone that:

  • Is an experienced Rust developer.
  • Understands decentralized, high-performance systems.
  • Can analyze and optimize the platform’s performance.
  • Has idea of running tests in a distributed environment.
  • Has experience with security audits of third-party and internal solutions.
  • Is interested in the Polkadot ecosystem. 
  • Is able to design, research and develop blockchain-based solutions.
  • Understands how to improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes.

Nice to have:

  • Substantial experience.
  • Familiarity with DeFi such as yearn and curve.
  • Ability to design algorithms and mathematical models.
  • Leadership experience


  • Competitive Crypto payments, all made in USDC. 
  • 100% remote work. No geographic restrictions. 
  • An entrepreneurial environment that encourages innovation and facilitates the growth of cutting-edge technology. 
  • The ability to work as an independent contractor: We treat you as your own agent and support you accordingly!
  • Annual Working Equipment Allowance.
  • Monthly Gym & Fitness Bonus
  • Paid Absence Days
  • Global WeWork membership, with access to more than 600 locations worldwide.
  • Annual personal development funding to facilitate career development
  • Diversity & Inclusion: A company commitment to equal opportunity. We do not condone discrimination on the premise of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or expression.

You don't have all the skills but you love Rust and have some experience in substrate? SEND US YOUR CV! We are open to discussion and would love to receive your application!

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