Thinksys - Mid-Senior Engineer (Node.js)

Apr 14

Est. Comp: 5000$/month

English: B1 or better

Recommended YOE: 3y+

Location: US Timezone

Stack: Javascript

About the Company

Thinksys is a consulting company with multiple clients around the globe. For this position, they are looking for someone with good communication skills who can be a nexus between clients and the development team, while being the first line of defense for product and project issues.

Who you are

  • 3+ years of experience in Javascript and full-stack or backend work

  • B1 English or better as well as good written and verbal communication skills

  • Able to learn and navigate a product to diagnose, fix, and improve the project

About the Role

  • Architecting and Developing: You will be actively involved in architecting, developing, and maintaining our robust workflow engine. Your contributions will directly impact the performance and scalability of our entire platform.

  • Building Distributed Systems: You will leverage your expertise in building distributed systems to fine-tune performance at scale. You'll have the opportunity to work on challenging projects that involve handling billions of requests per month.

  • Collaboration with Product: You will closely collaborate with our product team to design and implement new features. Your insights and technical expertise will help shape the direction of our product.

  • Monitoring and Optimization: You will be responsible for building and monitoring dashboards to track critical metrics such as uptime, error rates, and processing rates. Your focus on service level objectives (SLOs) will contribute to the overall reliability and performance of our system.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: Understanding customer use cases and requirements will be essential in making informed product and architecture decisions. Your insights will contribute to delivering an exceptional user experience.

  • Leadership and Team Growth: As an early member of the team, you'll have the opportunity to help lead the growth of our engineering team and shape the company culture. Your mentorship and collaboration will contribute to a thriving and collaborative environment.

Interview Process

The client is very motivated and the whole interviewing process can be completed within a week.

  • screening

  • Client Screening

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