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Oct 31

Dimitar Chainlabs
October 31, 2023

Chainlabs.ai is a web3 data science startup. Our team aims to answer the following questions:

  1. which organization owns which wallet on the blockchain ?
  2. What wallets are related to criminal activities ?

Our mission is to increase safety and understanding of the financial activities on the web3 space. Our clients include some of the leading web3 analytics companies in the space, such as Nansen, Coinbase, Elliptic, and more. We are the reference of reliable data labels in web3. Our startup has 7 employees, is profitable and growing.

Job Description

About the role

We are looking for a Web3 Data Intelligence operator to help us discover websites and online actors that accept crypto payments.

The job is :

  • Fully remote
  • Full time (preferred)
  • Immediate start
  • Paid by the hour, or fixed monthly for full time employees
  • Can evolve to a management role in the future.

Your responsibilities

  • Discover as many web3 entities as you can find, including Exchanges, Gambling websites, Bitcoin Mixers, Public figures owning crypto, NFT Rug pulls, ATMs, etc
  • Interact with those entities and record their information in a database
  • Help us find crypto-related cybercrime on the darknet using a TOR browser, incuding Darknet Markets, sale of stolen Credit Cards, Money-laundering activities, etc. You will record those activities on a blacklist to increase safety & trust on web3.
  • Read industry reports to understand cybercrime trends on web3
  • Quality Control: Review the Data you and your colleague collected
  • Participate in building new web3 data products, such as whale alerts, exchange ranking websites, and more.
  • You might quickly take on client-facing roles, where you provide and explain the data you collected to our clients directly.
  • In future, you may take a lead position within our team of Data Operators

The right person has

  • Strong curiosity and exposure to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, either professionally or as a hobby
  • Transacted with cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, DOGE etc…)
  • Strong organizational skills and an exceptional attention to detail
  • Autonomous and self-organized to work in a remote work culture
  • Excellent communication skills in both spoken and written English
  • Strong research skills to stay updated on crypto industry trends

This role will provide you a truly global overview of the web3 space. You will also help the world by making web3 safer and more trustable. Thank you for your application!

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October 31, 2023