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May 11

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May 11, 2023

Viralify is a viral content agency with a specialization in Web3. We make funny memes and videos for companies to help grow their communities primarily via Twitter and Discord. We're really good at it, and business is booming. It's lit.

Job Description

Business is booming and we're looking to onboard a gifted content creator/growth hacker/memelord to help us grow our clients' communities. You'll be producing dank memes, videos, and generally doing whatever it takes to help our clients grow, no matter what platform it requires. You'll need to get creative to win.

The ideal candidate is terminally online, can be funny on-demand, and knows how to capitalize on social media trends to earn engagement. Most importantly, they must be thirsty for the bag. Major bonus points if you understand Web3, as most of our corporate clients are in this space.

Don't let the loosely defined hours and job title fool you, this is hard work. We have a reputation for producing above-par content and you will be responsible for maintaining that standard.  The work will be tedious, but if you stick with it you will find that this role can grow into something quite lucrative.

Get creative with your application. Send some of your work, make us some custom memes, tell us about a time you did something quirky on the internet and it got recognized. We'll take anything. We don't care about your age, location, or background. Show us you have what it takes.


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30,000 - 70,000 USD / year
56 applications
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May 11, 2023