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Nov 16

Tahmid Litheum
November 16, 2023

Company Overview:

Litheum is at the forefront of blockchain innovation, creating a Layer 1 blockchain poised to revolutionize the industry. As a startup in its initial phases, we boast a dynamic and global team spanning across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. We are pioneering the next wave of Web3 applications, providing global-scale consensus in a straightforward, secure, and cost-effective manner.

Our groundbreaking Proof of Performance consensus model sets us apart, encouraging network nodes—referred to as Farmers—to contribute vital infrastructure such as networking, CPU, and memory. Our vision is ambitious: to facilitate 1 trillion transactions per day at just 10% of the infrastructure costs associated with leading blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

We are proud to have some of the most advanced blockchain specialists in the world on our team, making Litheum a prime location for learning and professional growth.

Next Steps for Litheum:

We are on the cusp of exciting developments, including initiating our first funding round, expanding our team, launching a media campaign, applying to top-tier crypto incubator programs, and aiming for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the coming year.

Job Description

Role: Social Media Community Manager 


As a Social Media Community Manager you will be responsible for,

Community Engagement and Support

  • Actively engage with the community across platforms like Telegram, Twitter, and Discord
  • Respond promptly to inquiries and concerns of the Community Members, providing accurate and helpful information
  • Facilitate discussions and encourage community interaction

Monitoring and Analytics:

  • Monitor Twitter for trends, feedback, and community sentiment. Give a weekly report & meeting about the industry hot trends
  • Report on social media performance and insights to the team
  • Work closely with the marketing & content creation team and input your insights every week

Brand Advocacy and Promotion:

  • Create strategies and Implement about how to grow our Telegram & Discord channel and bring traffic from Twitter to TG & DD
  • Represent the brand positively and professionally in all interactions and channels

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Strong understanding of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and the specific project.
  • Experience managing social media platforms, particularly Telegram, Twitter, and Discord
  • Strong problem-solving skills and a commitment to staying informed about industry trends and best practices
  • Always aiming to improve and adapt to any task

At Litheum, every person is considered a family member and we work as a family toward the same goal. And we expect to see that same energy & effort from every member of the clan. We believe we grow & shine together.

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200 - 250 USD / month
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Tahmid LitheumTahmid

November 16, 2023