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6 Skills in Demand for NFT Jobs

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NFTs are one of the hottest sectors in the crypto industry right now, and it comes with a lot of NFT Jobs. At the surface, it looks like we just have a bunch of individuals releasing artwork or small projects on the blockchain. But that's barely scratching the surface.

NFT market is already valued at over $22 Billion. All of it is not just simple artwork. Complex mechanics and ecosystems are being built, and we only expect them to grow in the coming years. Companies are making games and advanced tokenomics in the evolving market. Axie infinity alone went from a market cap of 30 million in 2020 to a peak of $10 Billion in 2021. It is just the first successful attempt at NFT games. Companies are constantly learning and building newer products, and we will see bigger NFT games in future.


2021 was the year NFTs went mainstream. Here are some of the NFT Jobs that will be in demand for 2022:

Solidity Engineer

Ethereum is still the platform of choice for NFTs. More than 90% of the NFT volume is in Ethereum. With that, NFT companies need Solidity Developers to deploy their contracts. Solidity is the programming language used by Ethereum and other similar blockchain systems.

Solidity was one of the most in-demand and high paid jobs of 2021 and we expect it to remain the same, or even more in 2022. Ethereum is the blockchain system where most of the volume is, and there is a great demand for skilled solidity developers. Once a smart contract has been deployed, there is no going back. So companies are ready to pay good money for smart contract developers who have the right amount of experience.


There is a lot of hype in the NFT space, and marketing is a core component of any NFT project. As with any other industry, you need a good understanding of NFTs if you want to work in marketing NFTs. Some of the responsibilities include organising Twitter Spaces, partnering with other NFT projects, managing White Lists, and building organic hype.

Community Manager

Community managers are another core component of NFTs. Most people see NFTs as just art. However, communities built around the art is stronger than the art itself. Some NFTs are valued at thousands of dollars just for the communities.

NFT Companies understand that having a good community is essential towards building the brand and spend a lot of money towards this. As a result, community manager jobs in NFT are among the most popular jobs out there.


Most NFT projects need something unique and non-fungible. This is where an artist comes in. The term "art" is a bit broad. For most of 2021, we only saw graphic art. But that is is slowly changing. We're seeing more and more projects coming with other innovative offerings such as sounds, music, 3D Voxels, and even generative art that is completely programmed. Any art which can be digitised can be turned into an NFT and sold. Artists are needed for any NFT project and will continue to do so in 2022.

Web3 Designers

Web3 comes with its unique set of challenges, and we need more UI/UX designers who are native to this space.

Santiago recently hired a Web3 designer through Crypto Jobs List for Icy Tools, a popular NFT analytics platform. He said,

“There’s so much information to digest when it comes to blockchains, especially when building consumer friend applications. Having a designer who can help simplify this information where it’s easily digestible and intuitive is a big need. As the space onboards more folks from "web2", it’s important to reduce as much friction as possible when it comes to user experience. Designers with "web3" experience are in high demand right now, with good reason. A designer with "web3" experience will be able to iterate faster than a non-crypto native designer and provide more insights on the product from on how to make the product better.”

Game Developer

Another new avenue in the NFT industry is game development. As projects are looking to move beyond just art, the first avenue of expansion is into NFTs. Axie Infinity is more of a precursor to NFT Games. 2022 will see an explosion of more such NFT games as traditional gaming companies such as Ubisoft are also looking to get into NFTs.

NFTs can be hard to understand or even daunting at first. If you're new, take your time to understand the industry. If there's one thing in crypto, it pays to be early, and we're definitely very early. If you’re already in the Crypto industry and looking to make a switch, check out some of the NFT Jobs on Crypto Jobs List.

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