EMURGO specializes in developing software solutions utilizing blockchain, IoT, and AI, and other emerging technologies, to solve some of the most complex problems facing businesses.

EMURGO has offices and manages projects in Singapore, Japan, the USA, India, and Indonesia. EMURGO is a founding member of Cardano Blockchain.

EMURGO is a global blockchain technology company providing solutions for developers, startups, enterprises, and governments. EMURGO develops enterprise-grade applications, builds developer tools, invests in startups, and provides blockchain education.

EMURGO leverages its expertise in blockchain R&D as well as its global network of related blockchain and industry partners to support ventures globally.

EMURGO has worldwide offices in the U.S., Singapore, India, Indonesia, and Africa, and a roster of global clients & partners. EMURGO is a founding entity of the Cardano protocol.

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