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Improving the blockchain industry through media, educational programs, engineering services, and our full-service blockchain accelerator program.

MouseBelt is the first full-service blockchain accelerator in the world. We are investing $2.5 million in blockchain projects this year. We go beyond cash investments and provide the hands-on workforce needed to encourage development, growth, and real-world adoption. | Master link list:

Your Product

Get access to a team of over 35 dedicated developers to help build your blockchain technology. Many tech startups take too long building out their product. Your new manpower will fast-track your product development so you can launch while the idea is hot. With our help you can develop demos for customers, and we'll set you up with any integrations and security you need. We can also cover testing, CI/CD, back end and front end review, UI design, customer middleware, smart contracts, reward mechanisms, block explorers, wallets, KYC registration, sample integrations for partnerships, testing/support/security for tokensale, and much more.

Your Business

Get your own business and marketing experts working for your success. Your first customers are the most important. We'll work closely with you during this difficult starting phase. We'll help you with your brand, logo, and website. The aim is to put you on the right track for growth and traction. We'll setup your communication calendar and social channels, and help with community building and management. Get help with content marketing, influencer marketing, and conference speaker placements.

Your Community

Forge lifelong friendships working with other ambitious founders. Get inspired, share in the highs and lows, bounce ideas, and contribute to each other's success. We've organized a haven on a peaceful tropical island. You can build your dream in peace. This will be the most inspirational environment you've ever worked in.

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