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SkillWallet is the first Protocol enabling a truly permissionless, self-sovereign, portable identity. It’s an identity system based on each individual's skills & contributions, rather than their personal data. And it's designed to bind together the individuals with the communities they join, rewarding them based on their participation. At Protocol level, it allows anyone to

  1. deploy a DAO with a role-based governance module attached - as well as
  2. keeping track of membership, as well as members'
  • contributions,
  • commitment
  • reputation.

On the top of its protocol, SkillWallet consists of a Suite of Products supporting Web3 Communities and their members in

  • claiming sybil-resistant, self-sovereign identities,
  • utilizing a shared decentralized authentication system for Web3 - as well as
  • creating and completing Tasks, and
  • growing a universal (= network-agnostic) reputation in the Web3 space.

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